Do you ever just get up and leave?

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  1. There were a few times recently when I felt it wasn't appropriate to argue back, so I just left. One of these was when I was in the canteen at work eating lunch with one of the middle managers. It was just me and her in the canteen and I never sensed we'd got along well. My probation meeting was due to come up and I knew she didn't like me.

    She wasn't going to be present during the probation meeting, but I knew she had already had her chance to give her feedback about me to the main manager, and that anything she said wouldn't have been good. The main manager had been telling where I was slipping.

    Anyway it was awkward enough as it was, but then she'd to go and say "you'll be fine... everyone else had to do a probation meeting as well". She said this twice. She was trying to make me relax when on the job so that I'd preform even worse and get fired. After the second time she said it, I just couldn't sit there and let this b1tch talk to me like I was stupid. I had to leave. I made an excuse to go but she might have figured out why I coldly left.

    The other situation I recall was when I was at a table with some college friends. A female at the table started ranting about her views on abortion. She was acting like she knew it all and was also over-simplifying the issue. She was effectively taking advantage of people's good nature and using us to get a load of waffle off her chest. I was tempted to argue back but the tone wasn't right. It was sort of a case of kill or be irritated! So I got up and left. The irritation reminded me that I'd other stuff to do anyway.
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  2. Adamskiffle

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    Yup, I've done that sometimes....some people are so ridiculous I think it's pretty much the only reasonable response!
  3. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    That's almost always how I handle hipforum politics threads. In real life I don't usually leave, although I'll commonly go silent if someone is beyond reason.

    Completely different subject, I don't think anyone in the world actually says nice things to someone as part of a devious scheme to get them fired.
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  4. tumbling.dice

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    Maybe she knows how you feel about women.
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  5. YouFreeMe

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    You always seem to take the words right out of my mouth.
  6. themnax

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    i generally avoid being there in the furst place.

    "there" includes most venues which serve alcoholic beverages,
    and most if not all groups of people who hate the combination of logic and consideration.

    and while i don't have zero tolerance for them,
    i thoroughly avoid seeking the company of anyone who hates imagination as well.

    i mean, i have my own interesting things to think about,
    why would i seek the company of anyone who would rob me of doing so,
    unless they compensated by making their company in some way gratifying or amusing?

    and of course likewise i do not ask nor expect anyone who finds my company less then desirable,
    to seek it. why should they or i, either one?
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  7. Total Darkness

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    If you're faced with five angry people yelling at your face. Its best to just get out as fast as possible.

    Best to leave if you feel things will get violent as well.
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  8. Lynnbrown

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    I've certainly gotten up and left when I've gotten so upset I couldn't stand it, particularly in work situations. Every single day of my life, I get up at some point (or pointS) and leave because The Mother is just an impossible bitch to deal with nicely. The fact she is relatively deaf, doesn't want me to speak loudly and sometimes doesn't want me to write answers to her (stupid) questions does NOT help matters any.

    When people get to talking about politics and I wholeheartedly disagree, I will most likely let them know I think they are wrong (and usually why) but I don't dwell on it. Unlike some people, I do not think I am going to change even one person's opinion about anything, especially politics, and I KNOW nobody is going to change my mind. :)
  9. Visexual

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    I was in sales for 15 years and we had an expression. "You can't argue with ignorance". Instead of trying, it's better to just leave.
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  10. RubySoho6

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    I do this any time my dad starts rambling about politics. I don't want to hear the utter bullshit he spews so I walk away. I will come back a little bit later. If he's still rambling i'll say "oh you're not done yet?" and walk away again. I don't make it a secret. I also don't let anyone argue politics in my house. Have your opinion, stand behind it but keep it to yourself when you're here. Just because I refuse to argue about it doesn't mean I don't have an opinion. It just means that I'm smart enough to realize my opinion likely won't change anyone else's mind so it's not worth arguing over.
  11. YouFreeMe

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    I think I only get up and leave when people start to get violent or out of control in some other way (smashing things, spewing continuous insults intended to incite conflict).

    Other than that...
  12. Oh you're more naive than I thought. I get that my theory sounds paranoid, but it makes perfect sense from my point of view. I was fired before I wrote this. I knew she didn't like me (we can agree on that much), and I knew I wasn't performing well. So it made perfect sense for her to effortlessly drop in a misleading comment. After all, isn't it what you or I would do if we were in her position, and wanted rid of someone?

    In what other way could she possibly have increased my chances of being fired? Exactly, none. Besides, it wouldn't have been like her to talk to me in such a friendly way anyway.
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  13. rollingalong

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    you poor bastard

    maybe you could find a job that is less challenging and more suited to your level of expertise so these bitches above you wont keep holding a brother back
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  14. No, I was actually doing the job very well. It's just I gave too much attention to the quality aspect of it over quantity... which meant that I wouldn't get it all done.

    When I would tidy the aisles, I would do everything perfectly. I'm a bit like that TV character Monk is some ways.
  15. neonspectraltoast

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    Excuse me.

    *stands up, pushes chair in, knocks YouFreeMe's water over*
  16. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy


    i might say a throwaway nice comment like that just to get out of an awkward conversation, but i wouldn't have any expectation of it leading to increased likelihood of firing.
  17. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe HipForums Supporter

    But you just admitted that you were performing poorly. Wouldn't that be a valid reason to let you go?

    I was going to type up a response pretending to be pissed because you knocked my water over--but then I realized that in reality I am way too nice to even fake being mean about it.
  18. That's beside the point
  19. Jackson Joe

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    I remember I did it once when my aunty called over and had left her job. She was giving out about the men in the business, and then started to give out about men in general. It was sort of therapy for her to be saying it in front of my parents and sister. I suppose the more people who were willing to listen to her and stay silent, the better she'd feel. I got up and left the room.
  20. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    i boycott aggressiveness, but make no secret of refusing to hate logic.

    i prefer not to be the one going anywhere, but i do what i can to avoid fascism and the mentality it comes from.

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