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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Carlfloydfan, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    I smoke quite a bit, sometimes daily, sometimes a few time a week, sometimes weekly, sometimes every once in a while, I guess it goes in cycles.

    Anywho, my friend literally just came down. He wanted to smoke. I tend to get wicked tired when I smoke and I am already wicked tired. He asked if I wanted to burn and I was like nah, but take my stash and pack a bowl. So my question is, do you do that? I know its odd, but he has smoked me up and I wanna smoke him up.
  2. BudBomb7

    BudBomb7 Member

    yeah man thats no biggie, if your generous with green like that then that makes you one hell of a great person in my book. "do unto others" right? i love smoking people out (whether im tokin or not) because they are usually really appreciative and pay me back in the end. im the rich boy outta my cliq and thats not a bad thing cuz i really enjoy pulling out a big bag and seeing my friend's faces light up:) i also like to surprise them with it sometimes too, like i just kinda casually ask them "hey man you wouldnt happen to have your bowl on u would you?" if one of em says "yeah i thought id bring it just in case i ran into someone" BAM pull out a fat sack and make their day!
  3. volatileBunny

    volatileBunny Member

    True dat! Smoking your friends up is what it's all about. With my crew, it's not just green though, it's everything. You need a ride, i've got a car! You ain't got no money to see a movie? Got no drink? Got no weed? We're all there.

    You give to the group knowing that sometime you're gonna get hit back big from them! :D
  4. irish151

    irish151 Member

    haha, i wish u were in my crew!!
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    youd be an asshole if you didnt. the fact that you would think its odd, when hes right there with you, means you must be under the impression that sharing is some alien and wierd concept?

    you were good to do it

    but dont think what budbomb said means you need to be the rich kid to be generous. the less you have, the more your generosity is to share. it doesnt mean giving away your stash to people who want it, but it does mean lettin a mate have a bowl if hes over. but not if he came jsut for weed you know.
  6. redbarcheta

    redbarcheta Member

    smoking people out is what its all about, I love it, just as much as myself smoking. Whenever I smoke with someone I always give em multiple green hits even if they didnt pay for it, and man its fun
  7. sacrament32

    sacrament32 Member

    i give my friends weed all the time when i like have to leave and they want to smoke i always have money from my grandma so it aint no prob for me
  8. ye u seem pretty cool, except for using wicked as an adjective arggh that does my head in...u must be american no affense
  9. yeah when im smoking so is everyone else whos keen.
    I know one day they will do the same :)
  10. hamsammich

    hamsammich Member

    Me and my friends are like that two. We smoke other people up all the time and front so many sacs to each other that we end up forgetting about getting money for some. Everyone smokes, weedless or not.
  11. dj_reegz

    dj_reegz Member

    If I'm getting high everybody around me (who wants to) gets high too. I think sharing your herb is one of the basic rules of being a stoner. I don't even care if they smoke me up at a later date as long as they pay it forward its all good. I don't think I'd offer to someone if I wasn't smoking unless they were at my place and wanted to smoke (cause thats being a good host). But then that would imply that I wasn't smoking and thats rare.

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