Do we need a Federal government in the USA

Discussion in 'Activist Polls' started by Brother Love, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. Brother Love

    Brother Love Member

    At the time the US was founded the Federal government was necessary. The reason for this was that we didn't have infrastruction. When something came up we needed somebody on the scene, in Washington, to make decisions. Today with our advanced communications our state governments could easily vote on pertainint issues and make those quick decisions as they arise. As a bonus, it's easier to keep track of state government.

    So what do ya think?
  2. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    Why stop there? It's even easier to keep track of a city/town council...
  3. Brother Love

    Brother Love Member

    Excellent point. Folks like to talk about democracy, which is a great system. But for it to work wouldn't we have to place the greater power with the smaller groups? Each town having precedent to veto county or state law. Counties in turn having power over state. Is that democracy or anarchy?

    Is there a system in which the opinions of each individual are represented while the rights of each individual are upheld?
  4. ChronicTom

    ChronicTom Banned

    Well, lets see where it would lead... each town would have to have a militia to protect itself seems there would be no federal standing military... each of those militia's would be under the control of the mayor...

    Of course, mayor is such a silly title for someone that important (the most important person left with no federal or state governments)... so how about something that has a nice ring to it?



    Yeah... that's a good name...

    Hmmm Warlords sorta rings a bell... I wonder where I could have heard that before?,8599,1865255,00.html
  5. tgmarcus

    tgmarcus Banned

    Americans have no government .
    Aipac dominates America for Israel.
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  6. wa bluska wica

    wa bluska wica Pedestrian


    i live in a very conservative state; they would pay no taxes, and thus provide no services, if they could

    fortunately the feds send money so the roads get fixed, the disabled get help, etc.

    we would also probably have a whole slew of weird social ideas let loose without the feds to keep things "normal"

    the federal government: can't live with it, can't live without it . . .
  7. TheMadcapSyd

    TheMadcapSyd Titanic's captain, yo!

    When you ask if we need the federal government you're asking if the United States should exist, and yes it should. The federal government is the United States, otherwise you have 50 independent countries.

    Not to mention the federal government was created to make infrastructure, power in numbers. The states formed a confederation of one country to unite and move forward. Then we realized the states as a whole just like individual politicians were giant babies and couldn't be trusted with more power than the federal government otherwise nothing would ever get done, and hence the constitution was made to replace the articles of confederation.

    Pre civil-war, aside from slavery, infrastructure building, especially that of canals was actually a severely political issue, with the south greatly opposed to it as they saw it was money being spent that only helped the industrialized north.
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  8. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    states are still to big, and a great bate and switch for more irresponsible mafia like corporate power. that's what lurks behind the 'conservative' lie.
    true we don't need nations as we know them. but we don't need them replaced by corporate cleptocracy either.
    nor by billegerance, biggotry, and chauvanism of race, religion or ideology.

    a considerate majority living in cooperative consultative communities can make a go of it, until larger scale bullies move in.
    no ideology nor force of arms can alone prevent that kind of subversion. its more a matter of culture, logic, and the sensible avoidance of assumptions.

    one of the problems that creates there being so much government, is simply there being so many people.
    not one or another 'kind' of people, but ALL people.

    there's no real way out of either reducing human fertility and thus birth rate,
    or waiting for nature to do it for us painfully and unpleasantly with famine and disease.

    nations could be smaller, or not exist at all, but economic interests would need to be prevented from taking their place,
    and making the quality of life, not better, but if anything, a whole lot worse.

    you know, money is blind and has no conscience,
    it will only do what it has a real incentive for.

    its also, like all of hierarchy, a superfilous concept.
    yes guns and whips are worse,
    but BOTH are unneeded AND undesirable.

    and yes there is a way, and no, it isn't any form of ideology.
    not in and of itself at any rate, but it is cultural, and involves an outlook and perspective,
    few seem willing currently to adopt.

    you're just not going to get there, without looking from a much broader perspective then any yet introduced into this conversation.
    a much longer view both historically, and a much broader view, culturally.
  9. rasta g child

    rasta g child Banned

    we will all run 4 office
  10. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    We need a federal government, but the one we got needs an overhaul.
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  11. granite45

    granite45 Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    If there were no Federal Government a third of the people in this Nation would still be embracing segregation, older people would have no Medicare or social security, and multi-state corporations would be enslaving everyone, one state at a time. Not my idea of a sustainable society.
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