Do people just piss you off when they say this

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by mynameisjake07, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. When they say people can have a marijuana overdoses and die. Today there was some gay survey on the amount of marijuana usage compared to alcohol usage in the school. And of course alcohol was at a higher percent for usage. Then I say man look at that the thing that can actaully kill people is what more people do. Then he starts laughing and saying that weed is terrible for people and people die all the time. I know im rambling but damn i hate when people are gay and dont know the facts.
  2. ElChivato

    ElChivato SeNioR MeMBeR

    yeah, i agree. all these kids on my bus talk about how pot will kill u. and me and my bf, who smokes, are always fighting with them about it. i hate it when ppl think they know everything when they don't know shit! *sigh*
  3. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    It's annoying, but mostly it just makes me think 'Wow, what a fucking idiot'. :rolleyes:
  4. Spastic_Monkey

    Spastic_Monkey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I love to argue with those people, and I always have copies of my information for them, just in case they tell me to prove it :)
  5. ElChivato

    ElChivato SeNioR MeMBeR

    yeah, i have pages of paper from different sites telling stuff about marijuana, plus i always carry drug books around just in case. lol.
  6. McJesus

    McJesus Member

    I know it's been said and I don't care about the flak I'll get but damn 13 is young...
  7. irish151

    irish151 Member

    i hate wen people say that weed is dangerous, im just blown away by their ignorance.
  8. snelio37

    snelio37 Member

    i carry a few sources around with me, and i always have examples to furthur prove their idiocy. it does kind of piss me off a little, but then i remember to be sad for them.
  9. PokeSmot

    PokeSmot Member

    i tend to think of myself as walking proof that you can't die from pot.

    i mean shit, 28 bowls of nuggets between you and one other person, yeah that about says it all.

    i mean you COULD die instantly from pot....

    but thats if you choked on a bud.
  10. reefer121

    reefer121 Member

    i read on some website that u need to injest 15 000 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes to feel any toxic effect. it would be pretty fun trying to overdose on marijuana
  11. redie*

    redie* Member

    ahh btw i always say that, pot isn't good sumtimes. i eat it most of the times, pot is food. pot is good ;) i don't really care wut ppl said and juz ignore them.
  12. redie*

    redie* Member

    three? jesus i wouldve got like hundred pierciengs for three ;)
  13. Turn

    Turn Member

    Wooooooo funniest thing I have ever read on the internet.
  14. Rafaela

    Rafaela Member

    I wouldn't mind carrying a few pages around for the less-educated folk,
  15. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    if you are having a conversation about marijuana and someone tells you its possible to die from it... start making weird noises, hold your breath and fall to the ground shaking.
  16. Usually when someone tries telling me stuff like "you can die from marijuana" or "marijuana is so bad for you(followed by unbacked stats or reasons)" I just pull out a yo-yo and show them how to use it and they're so mesmerized by the spinning that they go and sit in the corner playing with it for hours.... :rolleyes: Stupid people are funny sometimes....
  17. What about them?
  18. NeoPascal

    NeoPascal Member

    a THC overdose has only happened once that i've heard of... but the dude meant to do it. he got pure thc and shot it up. he left a suicide note too.
  19. yea... and i saw on Channel 5 news that a monkey flew out Prince's ass..... while apes from mars reaked havoc on the mississippi river releasing millions of sea monkeys that'll devour our children and use us for sexual favors.....:rolleyes:
  20. Swat30

    Swat30 Member

    It's not that they're less-educated, just incorrectly educated....aka lied to

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