do I believe in natural?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Luxiebow, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    when I first met my husband he was growing his hair. like a lot of boys he didn't do anything to it. I was using the same shampoo as I do now, which is residue-free and he was using it too as he hates anything un-natural. he never even touched it, just sometimes ties it back when it got in his way. he just let it be. he was growing it for 3 1/2 years and this is how it looked:

    (that was just before he got it cut,he looks insane haha)

    so what he did was basically go down the natural route to getting dreads but, ah-ha-didn't get them! as you can see his hair is curly so would dreads up easily. I'm not so sure I believe in the natural route...
  2. Merrivale

    Merrivale Senior Member

    Maybe he was brushing it when you weren't looking:p
  3. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    Just to clarify... are you saying that he never brushed his hair, and it still didnt dread, so you dont believe dreads are possible on there own?

    cause id beg to differ :)
  4. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    haha,nope definitely not.first of all,were joined at the hip&second of all he's never owned a brush or comb.
  5. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    maybe he doesnt roll around enough in his sleep
  6. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    he never brushed his hair.not even w/ his's not that I don't believe they are possible but wondering why it didn't and see a lot of people come on here looking for how to 'get' dreads and so many people say, 'leave you hair,switch to residue free soap'. my husband was doing this for 3 1/2 years and does it look like he has dreads?
  7. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    ???he is such a squirmer in bed moving from his back to his side.he snores on his back too so I'm always puching him onto his side.he's not a still sleeper.
  8. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    lol, ill admit its a little peculiar, my hair looked very similar to his, and even if i was still using residue shampoo i would have a knotted mess atop my head

    its a shame he cut it though, that second pic makes me miss my long hair a little bit
  9. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    he had to cut it for work,but he's growing it again:)whats strange too it that he had dreads before.not naturally but they dreaded pretty quick.I think hair needs that little push in the right directrion
  10. Callie4Strings

    Callie4Strings Official Spokes Bitch

    Maybe he needs to visit SE's magical dready forrest and dip his head in the magical dready creek.

    What is this? Do all the beautiful people live in Emerald Isle?
  11. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Whuh?!? I wants teh answers! Meh:confused:
  12. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    me too! it makes me feels happy w/ going the route I went(twist&rip)imagine how pissed off you'd be if you decided to go natural and waited over 3years and nothing!
  13. amybird

    amybird Senior Member

    Hell yeah...I'd be having strong words with you-know-who for a start!
  14. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    hahaha.people on here who went down the backcombing route and rip&twist have amazing dreads.I love them!
  15. Samee

    Samee Member

    i have to agree with you luxie, my boyfriend had super super curly ringlets, hed been growing it for years, never brushed it, never touched it, no dreadlocks formed. he wasnt aiming to get dreadlocks so maybe you have to want to? :p
  16. dark_truffles

    dark_truffles Member

    This is what I don't understand. For about two years I never brushed my hair, it's curly so if I were to have brused it, it'd have just gone ridiculously frizzy. I used normal shampoo, but no conditioner. I understand that probably wouldn't have been residue free, but even then, my hair never knotted. I never even got little tangles.

    I got my hair backcombed just over a month ago and my hair still isn't really dreading up, I have a few 'dreads' from the backcombing, but there are loads of loose hair and it doesn't seem to have changed much since I got it done.

    I'm going to be patient and not worry about them not looking like dreads straight away, but I'm starting to think that maybe my hair just won't dread. Which isn't a nice thought.
  17. Luxiebow

    Luxiebow Senior Member

    hun,I didn't mean to scare people or make them think like that.of course every type of hair will dread.I know people w/ the straightest silk-iest(?) hair who have beautiful perfect dreads.I just think that leaving them be isn't the best method for everyone.that is what most people are told to do when they come on here wanting dreads.I think it's great to rip&twist and backcomb-whatever! I obvioulsy don't agree w/ wax but any methods using your hands is good and should be praised not bashed! I leave my hair be now-but thats after I sectioned it and rip&twisted and I'm soo happy w/ my dreads!
  18. chemigals

    chemigals They call me Chemi

    hey luxie
    How come he hates your dreads so much but he had dreads himself?
  19. kyndmama

    kyndmama Member

    My husband was the same way! He never brushed his hair for like 3 years and only ended up with 1 dread! So we decided to backcomb the it goes
  20. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    my natural dreads are just now starting to stick togethar at the ends and its been almost 5 months. My head is a combo of all methods....I was experimenting. I would have to say that the backcombed dreads are doing great, have taken shape, and make me the happiest when I look into the mirror. Coming from someone who has done all methods....and uh...Im probablly gonna get heat for this...but fuck it....GOING NATURAL BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I reccomend backcombing.

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