Do healthy vegetarians exist?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Pressed_Rat, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?


    I thought I could perhaps ruffle some feathers with that title, or at least grab people's attention. But here's the thing....

    If vegetarianism is so healthy, as its proponents claim, why are so many vegetarians emaciated looking, ghastly pale year round, physically weak, or plagued with frequent colds and illnesses?

    Furthermore, why do so many vegetarians talk about their health, then eat loads of processed and packaged vegetarian foods, stuff which is loaded with sugar and refined carbs, and just a lot of GMO soy and corn laden junk food overall? That is not healthy, and to me totally negates any beneficial purpose of the vegetarian diet. When I go to the natural foods store I see so many packaged vegetarian products that are marketed as being "natural" and "healthy," when in reality they are anything but. Yet so many people buy this shit thinking they're being health conscious. They are totally misinformed.

    Now I am not saying this goes for ALL vegetarians, but at least many of the ones I have known over the years, including people on this website. I do realize there are probably some VERY healthy vegetarians out there who really know what they're doing. But the thing is, many people who call themselves vegetarians do so for the wrong reasons -- either because it's trendy and they like the image associated with it, or they're sensitive when it comes to animals being slaughtered for food as they have been for hundreds of thousand of years -- and they don't know what they're doing, and they don't have a clue about what is really healthy and what isn't. Therefore, they are not really healthy, and probably shouldn't even be calling themselves vegetarians in the first place.

    I am not exactly opposed to vegetarianism if it's a truly vegetarian diet and adequate amounts of protein are incorporated into it. However, I believe that everyone can benefit from eating meat that is sustainably raised, pasture fed, and free from antibiotics and hormones. Some people do thrive on a vegetarian diet and are extremely healthy, but I believe the vegetarian diet is suited for only a very small percentage of the population, and it's mostly women, who don't need the same amount of protein that men do to maintain adequate physical strength.

    Anyway, I would just like to get people's thoughts on this.
  2. magic_rocks

    magic_rocks ٱللهِ ٱلرّ

    I refrained from meat for 7 years, almost to the day. And my reason for doing so had nothing to do with physical health, nor a sensitivity to animal slaughters, but was based on my desire to attain higher states of consciousness through meditation. I've since stopped caring and resumed eating meat, and have all but removed postured meditation from my life. I found God only when I stopped looking for advice and performing prayers and realized that none of the outward discipline was necessary nor conducive to raising ones awareness. I think that the majority of children who become vegetarians likely only do so because it is trendy or as an act of defiance, and I think that the majority of adults do so because they find the methods of the meat industry operation to be reprehensible and profane. The choice of diet which follows is largely decided by amount of income, amount of stress and amount of responsibilities; I was particularly lazy after the first two years because I have a family and I did not expect them to conform to my eating habits, although when Aura and I were both vegetarian we ate very healthily for quite some time.

    I have been thin for my entire life (except in infancy, I was a fat baby) and have had a strong immune system, healthy skin, overall decent health &c the only major health issues I have are my crooked spine, arthritis, and perpetually broken sixth sacral vertebrae and my opiate addiction, otherwise I'm blessed with extremely good health and this explains why the vast amount of drugs, alcohol, and other physical stress I've put my body through have not destroyed me. If I were not in such a position of relative health then I imagine I'd be highly detail-oriented and concerned about my diet and regulate things such as my caffeine intake and dairy consumption, and I've only recently had to become conscious of these things due to stomach issues that are slowly arising.
  3. magic_rocks

    magic_rocks ٱللهِ ٱلرّ

    I agree.
  4. acuarela

    acuarela Member

    I had a vegan friend at work. Mostly into raw Veganism and she was probably one of the healthiest, most energetic, happiest people I've met.

    There's a lot of vegetarians/vegans with crappy diets, just like there's a lot of people who eat meat that have horrible diets too. I was never a vegetarian over health reasons (or over animals being slaughtered for food), but because meat kinda grosses me out. I've been eating it lately on occasion. I ate a lot more fish and chicken or turkey maybe 1 to 3 a week. I want to introduce grass fed beef or steak, but I'm still kinda grossed out by it.

    I think the problem with vegetarian/vegan people is that they often turn to convenience and replace a lot of their food with faux meat/cheese products (myself included) There's a lot of soy based products that are non-GMO though. I think anytime that you base your diet around packaged, pre-made food whether is meat based or vegetarian, the results are not going to be good.

    And for the record, you're ghastly pale :)
  5. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    On a more nutritious note: vegan or not....

    Throughout the average human lifetime you’ll eat approximately 2 pounds of insects commonly found in grains, rice ,nuts, raisins, corn, peanut butter …..etc…. :eek:

  6. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    One of my best friends is a vegetarian and she eats like shit. She'll do things like go to Bojangles and order their side items, or she gets the processed vegetarian food you mentioned. She eats a lot of veggie pizzas, things like that. She suffers from some pretty severe vitamin deficiencies and doesn't seem to realize that its all linked to her diet.

    However, I think it is possible to eat a vegetarian diet and be extremely healthy. Some of the longest living societies in the world are either vegetarian-based or they only eat fish and no other meat. I could easily cut meat out of my diet and still have a really healthy diet.
  7. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    ghastly pale... up until about a week ago. Now I am pretty tanned, but still want to get quite a bit more tan. It's still early in the season, though. By the end of this month I will have a very nice tan.
  8. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    It kind of grosses me out, too. I have a bit of a selective gross-out as well, I don't like to eat wild game because all I can think about is the dead animal, but beef or chicken or pork is just meat. It's the blood and skin and sliminess that is gross to me.
  9. acuarela

    acuarela Member

    Ha! I've never had any wild game. I'd love to try it at least once to see what it's like.

    I hate cooking meat. I only ever cook chicken and I always feel like giving up whenever I touch it. Yuck. Turkey bacon, turkey/chicken sausages don't count. I just need to pop them in the oven and the amount of touching done is minimal. I haven't tried cooking anything else, but I bought some grass-fed ground beef that I put in my freezer. I want to make tacos with it, but I keep postponing it because it's gross.
  10. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter


    I've met many healthy vegetarians that strive to eat only health foods.
    As for myself, I went vegetarian when I was 10 years old and over the years have leaned more towards a vegan diet. I prefer to eat only vegan, organic, healthy food (I think it's delicious) but I will just as well go eat a bean burrito from taco bell (yes, it's vegan). I eat to live, not live to eat so I'm not very picky about food. I suppose I don't always eat healthy but I'm a vegetarian not necessarily for the health benefits but because it doesn't make sense to me to eat animals and animal products and to support an industry that is so corrupt and heartless. I also see eating meat as barbaric and selfish in a sense and I don't want to eat a carcass. Why would I want to? I don't get frequent colds, by the way. I very, very rarely have colds. I have a lot of energy and I feel when my body is free from animal products is when it's at it's best.
  11. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    I agree with you regarding the meat industry, which is why I don't eat factory farmed meat. If the cow is raised humanely on a small family farm, and fed only what cows are supposed to be fed, then I have no problem with it. Same with chickens which are free-range, vs. the cooped up and caged ones you find at factory farms, which are often coated in their own shit and the shit of other chickens. THAT is disgusting and just plain cruel!
  12. acuarela

    acuarela Member

    Another person who looks very healthy is Arnold, the owner of a raw vegan place near my house. He must be in his 60’s, but he looks extremely healthy, energetic and is very fit. He’s kinda crazy though and will yell things like “I live on fruit” for no reason.
  13. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    I’m just the opposite: I couldn’t imagine a diet without meat products

  14. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    The thread title was facetious. Of course there are LOTS of healthy vegetarians who sustain themselves just fine on fruits and vegetables -- because they actually eat fruits and vegetables. This thread is aimed more at those who want to take the lazy, pseudo approach to vegetarianism by eating food which is just as processed as all the other packaged foods on the market, and probably no healthier.
  15. acuarela

    acuarela Member

    I think they probably had diets that were just as bad before they gave up meat.
  16. machinist

    machinist Banned Lifetime Supporter

    fake meat is junk food and people who eat it are retarded..
  17. Wow - you're an idiot and insensitive - great combination.

    First - I am so tired of all the flaming BS people post (as in the very title of this thread).
    Second - when are meat eaters going to stop feeling so threatened and inadequate around the idea of vegetarianism? Probably never - because their diets give them chemical imbalance in their minds and bodies, especially when their diet comes from a Western chemical monoculture.

    As to the original question - I've been vegetarian for going on 25 years, Vegan diet for about 20. I'll take a physical or mental challenge of any kind against any meat eater out there. Endurance, strength, logic, clarity, understanding, critical thinking, problem solving - BRING IT.

    The fact is - a healthy vegetarian diet is better for you. You can argue all you want about how 'meat makes you feel better' or whatever BS you are currently spouting to justify and alleviate the guilt and inadequacy you feel - but we all know you are just blowing smoke. I guarantee that I can out last you physically in any endurance situation under any type of dire circumstance you can think up.

    And yes - those vegetarians who live off of doritos and soda - no shit - guess what - they are unhealthy just like the rest of you with your processed chemicalized diet. I'd also like to point out - that except to the secluded scared western masses - vegetarianism is a force and a long sustained diet in the world. India, China, Japan, parts of Africa and South America - all have rich traditions and huge populations of vegetarians. And in the non industrial world - even those who do eat meat eat it very rarely and what they eat is naturally or wildly obtained.

    Anyhoo - yep - my feathers were ruffled by your title so I guess you can feel good you were able to push a button rather than deal with your own shortcomings and feelings of insecurity. Oh yeah - and all you meat eaters out there - enjoy the hypertension, blood clots, heart problems, erectile dysfunction, joint problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, and the cadre of viral and bacterial infections which go with your diet. Did I mention the chemical exposure related health risks.......
  18. Starting with "wow, you are an idiot" doesn't give you any more authority or knowledge. That being said, there are healthy and unhealty vegetarians, just as healthy and unhealthy omnivores. Issuing a challenge to any meat eater just shows you are very unsecure about being a vegetarian.
    So I challenge you to a game of chess then. If I win, meat eaters are better, if you win vegetarians are better.
  19. Actually - issuing a challenge shows I am very secure in debunking all the BS about vegetarians. Chess - you got it. Do you have an online site we can use or what?
    And of course the start of my post doesn't signify any greater authority or knowledge. That comes from my education and life experience.

    And when the chess game is over (or before) I'd be happy to have a debate with you to display my greater knowledge and authority on the subject - as well as the greater benefits of a proper vegetarian diet versus any other diet you can come up with.

    Like I said Bring It - stop with the BS.
  20. At least meat eaters won the sarcasm challenge.

    To me your need to defend your lifestyle seems like insecurity. It has absolutely nothing to do with being an omnivore (as humans are intended - like it or not) or a self-proclaimed herbivore.

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