Do girls like it when guys masturbate to them?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by vauba, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. fosterchild

    fosterchild Members

    Kind of funny happened to me last night. Too much to drink, on facebook messenger. Told her what I was doing. Said she was not offended and was flattered. Still don't feel good about it today.
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  2. fosterchild

    fosterchild Members

    But I'd do it again tomorrow!
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  3. GillyGal

    GillyGal Members

    Yes absolutely, I love hearing about making you cum or helping you cum or even just turning you on
  4. cayo

    cayo Members

    Your avatar certainly gets me turned on Gillygal, might even make me cum later:yum:
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  5. Partyboobs

    Partyboobs Members

    I love it lol
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  6. iamjustme

    iamjustme Supporter HipForums Supporter

    In my experience... most do.
    Thankfully my 2nd wife is a fan, my first was not... at all.
    Mutual/assisted masturbation is a part of our repertoire. She rubs one out till orgasm while I work on her nipples/breast couple times a month. I jerk off while she rubs my body probably 4-5 times a month. Or every now and then she is tired and I do it lying next to her while she goes to sleep.
  7. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Very flattering.

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  8. CandyCane1990

    CandyCane1990 Members

    Its a turn on for sure
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  9. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    I'd much rather masturbate with a girl than just do it using her picture.
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  10. TudorQueen21

    TudorQueen21 Members

    I would love to have a guy watch me.
  11. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Yep, almost enough of a turn-on for me to start leaving the curtains open to my bathroom while showering. Or my living room curtains while I walk around only wearing my panties.
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  12. TudorQueen21

    TudorQueen21 Members

    Great minds think alike.
  13. SexiLexi

    SexiLexi Members

    I find this very flattering.
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  14. vols

    vols Banned

    I masturbate to you
  15. Grandeur

    Grandeur Members

    They will like it if the guy is devilishly handsome.

    If not, then that guy is a fucking perv.

    Same with mini skirts. They wear it for hot guys to look at their legs but if the guy is not hot, he will be a fucking perv for the same behaviour.

    If the guy is hot, he is never a perv.
  16. Boshcak

    Boshcak Members

    Have had the experience as a male of being approached online on sex sites (many times) to make a "tribute" for a woman, e. g. masturbate over their picture and take photos, and then make a video of having an orgasm and spurting semen over their photo. Many many women online are -crazy- about receiving sperm tributes and so the answer might be that quite a few women / girls are very very much into having their pictures masturbated to or cum over....
  17. Biodome1980

    Biodome1980 Guest

    Honestly, if I'm with a woman, I'd rather have a blowjob or sex. I can jack myself off way faster and easier than any other person
  18. SluttyJess

    SluttyJess Members

  19. Grandeur

    Grandeur Members

    If the guy is hot, then it is flattering.

    If the guy is NOT hot, then it is gross and perversely.

    Am I right?

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