Do drug policies have legitimacy.

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    Drug testing is unlawful conduct, because it violates the logic of custody and intervention.

    Drug testing is a system that confesses to pursue the quota of consequences by permitting the causes.

    The opportunity to recruit the drug user is contingent on allowing the causes of its supply or the maker and never the consequences.

    The logic of custody is the ability to apprehend the causes as opposed to the consequences.

    Any system that pursues the consequence to circumstance confesses to allowing the contributing factors of causes in order to validate the quota of consequence.

    The laws of ingenuity say that human nature is prone to invention and aspires the ability to cultivate the natural resources of geological material wealth.

    Ingenuity has explored the diversity of geological harvest since the growth of basic human needs.

    Human nature is never restricted in geological metabolism; because basic instinct only allows for the progress of ingenuity to adapt and assimulate the collateral of environment.

    Metabolism is based on the ability to tolerate consumption by the powers of endurance to succeed geological evolution.

    To apprehend the causes prevents the consequences; but to pursue the consequence only affords the progress of the causes.

    Drug testing does not prevent the causes; but it endorses the progress of causes in order to qualify the pursuit of detection to catch the drug user.

    The drug maker is the progress of causes; but the drug user is the progress of consequences.

    The drug maker recruits the user; but the user does not invent or induce the drug maker.

    Any process of custody or evidence that recruits the drug user or consequences, instead of apprehending the causes, drug maker and or sources of supply is the progress of fraudulent investment engaging the sedition of covert proceses to overthrow title and deed by out-lawing the user to afford favor of market ability to the maker instead.

    The sedition of covert sabotage is the process of promoting entrapment; to harboring the fugitives of supply by blaming the demand; in order to promote the sedition of counterfeit title and deed.

    The logic of evidence is the ability to implicate the causes as opposed to the consequences.

    Any legislation that endorses the promotion of drug testing violates the logic of custody and is further classified as the convention of sedition; mutiny; counterfeit; for the conspiracy to commit treason on a government body, by committing bribe, blackmail, and blackball in the act of soliciting the quota to recruit the volunteer of a drug user.

    Drug testing is a violation of article 94 in the uniform code of military justice.

    Drug testing is considered to be a trespass against United States congress and is subject to the penalties of treason under the provisions of article 94 in
    the uniform code of military justice.

    Drug testing endorses the progress and sponsorship of the drug maker in order to quota the detection of a drug user.

    The only way to detect or pursue a drug user is to CONFESS OF allowing the sponsorship by the maker or sources of its supply in order to promote the entrapment to blame the user or victim.

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