DMT and Anxiety

Discussion in 'DMT' started by maryjaneguitargurl, Apr 21, 2018.

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    I am in a discovery phase of my life. I recently got out of a very long-term relationship, packed up my life and moved to Oregon from Texas. Now, I am even more lost. I have been interested in taking psychedelics for some time now. Question, if I suffer from anxiety, should I not even go down this experimental path? Thank you!
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    Psychedelics are very dependent on Set and Setting. Set is essentially your mindset going into the trip, setting is the physical environment you take them in. If you suffer from anxiety, that will likely manifest in some way during the trip. However, if you can acknowledge that and realize these are extremely powerful substances that should be respected, you can potentially confront your anxiety, explore other aspects of your mind and have a very beneficial trip.

    Many recommend having a trip sitter if it's your first trip. That person's role is to probably be sober (or experienced with tripping) and essentially have minimal influence on your trip, like not talk for significant amounts of time during the trip, but be around if for instance you need water, want to explore outside, etc. just facilitating the experience.

    If you should go down the path or not really depends on a variety of factors... I think having a natural inclination towards fascination with Consciousness and the Mind is perhaps most imperative if one is to enjoy the experience, but other things too, like if you really like music, that is usually always fantastic to experience on Psychedelics, so being open to explore things in novel ways. Personally, if you decide you want to explore Psychedelics, I wouldn't recommend DMT as an introduction. It's an extremely short trip and a full dose is incredibly intense. DMT basically just launches you into completely alien realms with not really any markers of "reality" to help you navigate the trip or explore any emotional content.

    Magic Mushrooms or LSD would be better introductory trips. These trips usually unfold in a manner which allows one to get acclimated to the Psychedelic headspace, like not replacing reality in one fell swoop, and with the longer duration, it provides the space for analysis which is what I think you are seeking.

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