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    Part 1: Mushies with Friend
    So mushies reintroduced themselves for a little. Had a couple really great mini trips with my friend. We opened up to each other, talked about things on our mind. Things about family, health, relations, work, school, the universe, aliens, god, everything. We got to a new level of understanding with each other. Got to know each other a lot more.

    We had even sat on my bed and told each other secrets and that we loved each other and were good friends. It was one of those Superbad moments. At some point he started to trip out to hard and he went in the other room. I started to play the piano and when he came back he thought I had played a cd, but i told him it was me playing. That wwas nice to hear since I wasn't even aware I was playing that well. Really it didn't even feel as if I was playing, it was just happening, and the more I felt it was just happening the better I played. He kept feeding me mushies as tip. I told him I could keep doing it til I am just flying the piano through outer space.

    There was also a part where I started revealing some of the spiritual knowledge and experiences I had learned and gone through. I told him we were like Buddha and Ananda transfering the knowledge, his eyes got wide as if it were real. Then there was a moment where we both reached a state of pure silence that was so divine, yet only lasted a moment. Ihere were many little magic things that happened.

    Part 2: Divine Moments

    Went to a little shindig related with the title of this. Had some mushrooms, found some L. Now there is a lot of other kids doing the same thing and were all in the woods in the middle of nowhere.

    Everything about the night is pretty magical. I with one of my friends (not the friend from the mushie trip), and some homies are playing and spinning that night.

    I am walking out of the woods from the tents as soon as they say welcome to the show, the lights are shining through the trees, and I felt as if it were the most perfect entrance into the night.

    A lot of the night was me discovering what my hands could do. I started to feel the flow and was begging to discover the moves that the light show kids always do. Except it was more then that, it was an act of tai chi, my hands were flowing with the vibe of the show. So moments my hands moved so gracefully, so delicately, it was as if it were an art. I remembered the great artist of calligraphy artist in china.

    I started watching poi and during the poi I started to get a super download of thoughts. Like somehow the movement of the poi was unlocking different combination. Somehow shifting the dynamics of time. At the same time they were aligning their chi, aligning the energy fields around them. The fire was representation of life burning bright that night.

    Then came the real divine moment during the night one my friends that I used to play ddr with when i was like 14 was playing at the show that night. He played some live keyboarding and vocals mixed some kind of dubbed out psyfunk. It set was absolutely amazing, next level stuff. I was blown away.

    While he was playing though there was this mayan face with its tounge sticking out behind him. And on his tounge he had a tab with a frog coming out of the tab, and on his forehead he had a potleaf for a third eye. The face started spining morphing, changing colors. I started to see bright luminescent colors that weren't there. The face started to come out and engulf my friend playing.

    If I shook my head I would come out of it, but as I began to concentrate again my brain would start to change. The face began becoming see through, it was now silver and golds and I could see through it as if it were clear, yet with plain vision it was very hard to see through. Then it appeared to me with bright neon colors, I felt as the joy of all of las vegas condensed in their, lights, rides, fun, games, the ultimate joys of life. But then the story of buddha came and him facing maya. And I felt as if this were the illusion of maya, and I felt as if it were staring at me but somehow I was from detached from it. It was such an intense vision, I felt as if this were something exremely special.

    Part 3: More Divine at Home

    There was pleasant walks from the festival to the car, My mind was open fresh full of color. The beautiful country roads were so serene. I was able to drive fine, no moving, things were just bright and glowly and fresh. The ride home was so beautiful, the sun shining, trees and flowers covered in dew, bridges over water glistening. Even when I got into town I couldn't recognize anything, everything looked so fresh, so new, as if I had never been there before.

    When I got home I took some bong rips. The rips brought my trip back a lot more than expected. I went outside and looked at my backyard. I got the urge to start chanting hare krisha hare krishna, at the same time focusing on the divine form and personality. All of sudden I started to enter very sublte parts of my consciousness. My mind got still and felt like it was splitting, opening.

    As i chanted the mantra more, this strange large invisible object was engulfing everything. And I could sense it was intelligent, and it was constantly evolving, and my relationship to it was I was supposed to become more and more acquainted to it, evolved to it and open to it. I felt as this is real meditation, this is wat is supposed to happen when you chant mantras. This was a divine gift, I was seeing the formless form. It looked like a giant staff, with a diamond center, and tentacles like things spreading out from it in all directions, morphing into grid like patterns, providing the undercurrent of life to everything.

    I watched as trees morphed and grew, into tree apartments and duplexes, and super structures. They morphed to look like the tissues inside a membrane and I felt as if I were seeing my brain inside out. The invisible superstructure kept coming in and out of focus. I started saying different holy mantras and I would see it in different ways.

    I started drawing stuff with a rock like chalk on the ground. Then after I went to the rock I contemplated each roll of the god conscious as the transcendental father, as the all pervading spirit, as christ/son/supersoul present in everyone and everything, and as the divine mother of earth and all material realm. Each time I meditated on one of these aspects a profound state of consciousness arose out of me and played out vision upon this rock I held in my hand. One moment I started chanting Christ and I was so saturated in light and in peace, that immediately became aware of Christ's power of consciousness and light.

    I stayed outside just enjoying this pleasant state for hours. When I finally went to bed it was a long sleep. I am still tired from this adventure. I know it is long, and their are things I haven't tell. But a lot of the important stuff was dynamics of the divine and its revelations.

    It was supposed to be a special full moon day, and important day for spiritual advancement and evolution. And by golly it defiantly was!
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    Nice trip report. Sounds like you had fun.
  3. Sounds like a real a spiritual trip man. Awesome about the mantra's, gonna try that one out with my mantra's :)

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