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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Flav_cool, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Flav_cool

    Flav_cool Member


    I was eating some Krispy Kremes when I saw this on the news...

    It said that Vancouver's east side is a pretty bad area, and there are violent people that rob. Anyways, they got some footage of some people in their 20's and prbly teens beating old people for money...can't they just ask without actually hitting? Supposedly they are addicts...

    I think people like this are worse than murdreres hired to kill other CRIMINALS, not innocent people. People that even harm inncocent people like old people because they can't defend themselves should be executed or at least get life in prison once they are pronounced guilty...I just can't imagine how messed up you have to be to do something like this... They are animals that we would be far better without...

    What do you think?

    P.S. If you don't agree please don't get mad, this is only my opinion.
  2. balko

    balko Member

    Lol, stoner.

    That's fucked up. Now, I don't think they should be killed...but life is a good idea for that kinda stuff. Beating up old people? That's why when you're 75+ you should cary a 9mm. Lol. ganster.
  3. Flav_cool

    Flav_cool Member

    Yea ur right they should'n't be killed, I don't know what I was thinking. People shouldn't kill people. But they SHOULD suffer, like life, which we agreed was good.
  4. balko

    balko Member

    I was just finding more common ground. I hate prision, fuck getting anal raped by some guy named Bubba. Reducating people could work if we took the time...but we don't. That's why the school system is set-up like a factory.

    But getting anal raped by some big guy named Bubba is kinda what they should get...but still man. Do unto others as you would want others to do to you. (Well Bubba is following the golden rule, lol)
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    i think if they bash up an old person punishment should be helpless pain, so that they see what theyve done. teaching by example. if someone kills someone else then they shouldnt be killed, but if they tortured the person, they should be tortured, along with life imprisonment (capital punishment is never valid i believe)
  6. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    (because if you believe in capital punishment than in essense you are no better than the criminal in your valuing of life - you see it as something that can be subjectively valued.
  7. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    I disagree. Executing someone for beating a person up for money? Come on now. Even Bill's eye-for-an-eye idea disturbs me, that's just vengence, not justice. Throwing people in prison doesn't work, obviously, in fact, those people, when they get out, are just more likely to be criminals than ever before, and lifers, well...we can't keep everyone in jail.

    Here's the thing that needs to be done but isn't. Why did the boys do it? Did they need money for drugs? Is their home life bad and they were acting out? Why is their homelife bad? These boys aren't just insane, they had a reason for doing what they did. We need to start finding out why such crimes occur and see them as a result of other things, a symptom, not a disease in itself. We know the drug war causes crime by making drugs illegal (users are automatically criminals) and unrealisticly expensive (making them hard to afford without resorting to crime). We need to investigate if their being illegal has helped or hurt. As far as a person's home life, that one's harder (this is why no one is really trying this). There are multiple causes and it's hard to solve them. How do you solve the problem of the breakdown of the family? Or the growing isolation of people these days?

    These and many other things are major societal problems, but throwing people in jail for the crimes they result in isn't going to solve them. It's like if you have a disease that causes sores and headaches. You can take as much advil, slap on as many bandaids as you want, but the sores and headache will persist until you treat the disease rather than the symptoms. Now, that's not to say you shouldn't punish criminals, people are still responsible for their actions. You can't let people just beat up old women for money. But this shouldn't be the end of the situation. You can't say "ah, we've jailed the offenders, justice is done, problem solved." You didn't solve any problem but what to do with the criminal. The larger issue is yet to be addressed. If we can set to work trying to fix the major problems in our society that are causing the many crimes, then we would not have to worry about putting a few street thugs in jail, because there wouldn't be any street thugs.
  8. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    If you bashed them up theyd think twice next time.
  9. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    (I dont believe the golden rule should end at have done unto you, for crimes where the victim was physically hurt, the attacker should be made to experience what they had done. though i understand if torture was part of the legal system then it wouldnt work because corruption would weave its way in, i just believe in this principle in teaching. teaching by example. when teaching people not to be violence, violence is the example. this should not be left at that though, the specific work and psychological issues are adressed after the examplitive teaching, such as Trippin's model
  10. Dazed4now

    Dazed4now Member

    krispy kreme sounds so damn good right now

    but yea the topic
    i think they should be beat to a bloody pulp...end of story
  11. McJesus

    McJesus Member

    Violence solves nothing. Not only would violently beating the offender be cruel and unusual punishment, it would not teach him, only make him vengeful. By eliminating the need to cause the crime, there will be no crime.
    Rehab is one thing, but it's brainwashing. Education of any kind is brainwashing. People think if all drugs were legal then we'd be overrun with addicts. This would be a possibility, though if the public were properly taught about the real effects of each drug then our society would be wise enough to make responsible decisions. The fact that such a multitude of drugs are illegal in our "free" society is insulting. The government is saying, "They're too stupid not to kill themselves with this stuff."
  12. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    yes but what ios your point lol you cant just say that both sides are wrong, and then not give a solution youtrself lol
  13. kramsy

    kramsy Member

    Has anyone seen that movie? Its about 3 guys who are very religious, but they see injustices, like rapists and mafia people being set free, so they kill them. I think its one of the best movies ive seen and it kinda fits this topic
  14. balko

    balko Member

    That's like Charles Mansion. Lol.
  15. digitalldj

    digitalldj Canucks ftw!

    k lemme clear some things up...

    first off I LIVE in vancouver and havent heard of anything liek that happening

    2nd, the "East" side of vancouver ie east hastings aka "Skid Row" is FULL of crack heads, bums, etc. but they arent just fucking insane, i've walked down right in front of the crack heads on my cell wearing like 300$+ in clothes and nothing has happened, not to say it wont, but it hasnt to me.

    Cops patroll that area 24/7 HEAVILY and it's kinda weird, because it's really only a 2km strip that is bad, u keep walking up the same street where u saw all the crack heads, OD victims etc. and then u will be in a NICE part of vancouver, liek very nice, so it's just a limited problem

    1 thing i guarantee u though, in 4 years, there will not be a single bum on those streets anymore, Vancouver is going to come up with somthing good to remove all those people from the streets before the 2010 olympics come here.
  16. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Boondock saints? maybe?

    Anywho, life is subjective. Life can be valued, and some human life is not fit to live. People who prey on other, weaker people are scum, they should not be given the right to breathe the same air as you or me. People who hurt children, old people, sick people or anyone who can't defend themselves forfeit their right to be considered a human.
    I fully support taking these bastards out onto the streets and fuckin curb stomping them, that'll atleast do something for the crime problem.

    Either that or we could just start shipping prisoners to Australia again... :)
  17. kramsy

    kramsy Member

    haha yeah it was boondock saints, i just kinda spaced out when writing that and forgot to put the name in...
  18. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    boondock saints was an alright movie but i hated that hairy dude's character he was such an asshole, and i hated the way they made out the killing in the name of their god to be a righteous thing.
  19. balko

    balko Member

    You can't 'remove' a ghettto. They kinda 'take over' most cities. Look at Camden, NJ.
  20. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    Man, I thought that movie was great! Very engaging, and also funny, but not because it's supposed to be funny (or is it?), but just because of the strangeness of the whole idea they are doing. Good shit, I hope they get the sequel out soon.

    Anyways, Vancouver is having the 2010 olympics? I hope that doesn't bring any bad attention to the lax marijuana enforcement, changing how the place operates.

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