discover (probably) the best unknow psychedelic rock band in history!

Discussion in 'Music' started by KasabianRulesMan!, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. here he comes ...THE FAMILY (their 6 LP's were in the top 20 uk lp's!) were a successfull band in UK but ...they never had success in the rest of the world.
    They made 6 album between 67 to 73 and had many changes in the band with 3 phases of style in their music :
    For me their least interesting era is their 2 albums from 1970 and 1971 that are more folk oriented
    Then their 2 albums from 72 and 1973 are better with an rock or even an hard rock edge
    But if you want to taste great lost treasure of psychedelia their two first albums: "Music in a doll's house" dec.67 and Family Entertainment dec.68 are essentiel to will not be disappointed especialy if you like early Traffic and the 2 first Pink Floyd or even the Spirit albums (until Dr. Sardonicus)
    For the people who already know them ...i just want to have your critics 'bout this band !
  2. Im deffinitely going to look into them. I love finding new, good to me. Ill let you know what I think,
    thanx man
  3. gnombient

    gnombient Member

    All I know about Family is that John Wetton (bass/vox for King Crimson 1972-75) played on two of their albums-- Fearless (1971) and Bandstand (1972).
  4. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    well now I gots a new ebay target......
  5. BakedPhish

    BakedPhish Member

    Could you tell me where i could find any of there stuff ?
  6. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    Amen to that,
    their first album music in a doll's house is one of the best british psych era albums IMHO, amazing album
    some people struggle a bit with Roger Chapmans vocals, seems to elicit a love or hate response, personally I think his voice is top and only adds to the overall trippyness of the album, heard other people compare him to Larry the Lamb, fuckin' great album though
  7. wait- where am I gonna find this?
  8. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    Yeah, I have heard of them and maybe even heard a song or two...but where can I get them? Soulseek comes to mind but my school banned that.
  9. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    I'll search for them on bearshare tomorrow, soulseek doesn't seem to work anymore for me... o_O
  10. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    i just downloaded it from soulseek
  11. You can make a command in or even in your nearest discmarket...
    Personnaly i find their first album..."music in a doll's house" even better to the rest ...when i discover it a year ago ...i was on my knees ...i was waitin' this album from a long time ago...i was sure that not only Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd were highbohemiantrippers...well...but there's so many other psychedelic treasure that i have discovered and other to discover...
    If somebody know a very impressive psychedelic band and album (maybe i will already know them) ...well i want to know the name of the band...just for my collection of friday trippin' nights under the clouds cleared by a distant moonlight...yep well
  12. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

  13. exhibita

    exhibita Member

    I can't decide but I found this web radio site with a vast playlist called 'Technicolor Web of Sound.'

    Peace. :)
  14. thanx
    it's excellent to discover bands
    there's a band called FIVE DAYS WEEK that a friend talk me about...i will go now see what kind of sound this can be...
  15. exhibita

    exhibita Member

    You're welcome.

    Never heard of Five Days Week but now it seems to me that psychedelic was as abundant in the '60's as alternative was in the '90's or metal in the '80's
  16. Yeah you're right all those moovement will always been underground moovement even in the hippie era only Humperdinck or Tom Jones were on the top of the charts ...rock n roll is a fight to take the power in an illusion land (made of clean stars for gentle parents over their comfortable seats)...
  17. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member


    Would this be the one you are talking about, I have this and to be quite honest its okay but not essential, some of the band were also from the better known 60's outfit The Action
  18. exhibita

    exhibita Member

    I see that 'Behold and See' by Ultimate Spinach got a top review.

    I only heard Mind Flowers and I was very impressed. :)
  19. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    yeah if you like Mind Flowers you'll love the rest of that album, that and the S/T one are all-time favourites of mine ( as if you couldn't tell)

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