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Discussion in 'Fiber Arts' started by kayte, May 31, 2006.

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    okay, mama, whatcha gotta say on the subject? in relations to proper batiking effects.
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    OK, here's my basic discharge rantola
    know what color your fabric will bleach to. White is not always the answer. I've seen great coffee browns, too.
    what you need to draw designs is a paste with bleach within it. try all kinds of paste makers, from flour to agar. you'll find something you like.
    for a spritzed effect, start with 25-75 bleach and water on a scrap and adjust.
    bleach holes kind of kill the look.

    It is almost couterintuitive to vat dye for batik (which has paste/wax resist in the process) and then discharge.
    However, I've seen partial discharges where the color was lightened used to great effect.
    if you are direct application dyeing your batik, then some discharge would make sense to fix flurbles and add texture.
    I don't reccommend it on light weight fabrics such as silk and rayon, or fine cottons.
    discharge is rough and is best on jersey and thicker fabrics.
    again: test test test.

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