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  1. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    I had the pleasure of taking some acid a month or two ago and I have to say I'm kinda disappointed. It must have been weak because I took two and was not wowed by the results. I had some slight visuals, like seeing what looked like an alligator in the carpet and the walls barely breathing but I was expecting so much more. At the peak I noticed a neon outline around some objects and I felt electrified (for lack of a better word) and the grass felt nice. I think I would've appreciated it more if I hadn't had mindblowing mushroom experiences. Ugh, and I know it will be at least a year before I get the chance again. Do you think I just have a naturally high tolerance or was it probably crap acid?
  2. crappy acid. ive had mind blowing experiences on shrooms before, but if i take 2 hits of good acid its still amazing.
  3. CannbisSouL

    CannbisSouL Smoke 'till you toke. Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I believe psilocybin and LSD can cause a cross-tolerance..
    Had you done shrooms a couple of days before?
  4. lucjl volcin

    lucjl volcin Senior Member

    how would that be possible?
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    they are of the same chemical family and affect the brain along similar if not identical receptor channels.

    and yeah it was crap acid

    i had bomb acid a while ago, and 2 hits made me actually think 'holy fuck i took too much!' thats when you know its good stuff :D
  6. CherokeeMist

    CherokeeMist Senior Member

    i've heard the same thing, and experienced it myself. i took two hits of really great acid on a friday night and tripped hard, and two nights later i ate 3.8 grams of some high quality mushrooms and was extremely disappointed. i've tripped harder off like 1.5 grams than i did that night.

    but yeah, to the OP it was probably jsut really weak. my first acid trip was pretty much like you described, feeling mildly "electric" and i had minor visuals if i concentrated hard enough. but, the second time i dropped (the aforementioned "two hits of really great cid"), everything i looked at was waving back and forth, patterns were wisping up from the floor, and the ceiling was twisting into dancing fractals, and all this was juts from casually looking around. and the mental trip was even more intricate than the visuals. that convinced me that, if you're "disappointed" by a trip, you can pretty much count on the fact that you didn't take enough. i doubt LSD just doesn't work on you.
  7. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    It had been, at the very least, two weeks since I had taken shrooms so I don't think there would be any cross tolerance. Glad to hear no one thinks that a natural tolerance could have caused it, there's still hope as long as I can find some more eventually.
  8. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    i think terrence mckenne once said that if you aren't worried that you took too much, then you didn't take enough.
  9. freepskeep

    freepskeep Member

    If I want an average trip on average acid, how many hits would I take? I realize this is a bit of a dangerous question considering the wildly differing concentrations in street blotter, but just a ballpark amount. I would rather be a little uncomfortable at the peak than end up disappointed again, considering the limited availability around here.
  10. Desos

    Desos Senior Member

    well like you said it varies alot. but in general, two hits.

    but if you score some potent cid, you had better strap in.
  11. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i had a hit of acid during the summer with minimal visuals, roughly at the same level as described above. however, I was blown away by how my thought patterns were altered by the drug.
  12. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    for 1 and half hits how good would this acid be judging by the effects...felt like i was in a limosine in the back of a cab.....alot of kalidscops which i seen the reflection of my face towards the end like looking in a mirror in the beggining i saw a outline of my head....umm trees started growing flowers, which turned into butterflies andgiant bumble bees but i wasnt scared at all which surprised me because of my fear of bees but acid because told me not to be worried at all :)...ummm no connection with reality at all which was great lol...over all just amazing trip...good acid for 1 and a half hits??i forget how the tab looked....i did it in fall when the leaves were changing colors and i was in a park, fucking beautiful i literally saw what the sixties were about
  13. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    acid is barely visual at all for me

    in fact i'd say the visual shift accounts for like 1% of the effects

    it's just a pleasing distraction to the main show, your mind being expanded to 10,000 times its normal capacity of thought and emotion
  14. hawaiiankine

    hawaiiankine Senior Member

    I was there and the 60s were much more than you can sum up in a hit and a half of acid.. . :cool:
  15. prismatism

    prismatism loves you


    If you don't think, "oh shit, now I've done it" at least once throughout the course of the night, you're just skirting the edges.

    The hardest I ever tripped on acid, it was like it's depicted in a cartoon, where you think "there's no way it's really like that". For a while, everything was purple and green, wavey, bubbly, tiled, sparkling, spiraling. Kind of like the cover of Are You Experienced?, but much more so. Further into the trip, it became more like the cover of Axis: Bold As Love. And I wasn't much of a Hendrix fan at the time...

    Don't worry about it, though. It'll come along again. No trip is a bad trip. Everything is meaningful in some way.
  16. itsallgood

    itsallgood Senior Member

    obviously but for a person who wasnt there it let me get a glimpse of it which was awsome and i would love to get more glimpses of it
  17. combination of #1 weak doses, and #2 preconcieved notions.

    Being a fungal connosieur, you might be used to that kind of a trip and when the acid gave you something different... well there you go.

    I suggest you hang in the circles which are shroom inclined and eventually some really fire doses will come around and you'll be like "oh acid's bullshit i took 2 big ones once and hardly felt anytihng" and some kid with dreadies will be like, well just take one of these and then you'll be like "no way give me 5" and then you'll end up so freakin smashed and the dredie guy will be your new best buddy.


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