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    this article goes into detail regarding testing done at californias emerald cup....the emerald cup is a prestigious growers competition that prides itself on organic and under the sun only entries....

    ​all the legal medical cannabis in Canada has to be tested and approved before it leaves the dispensaries...no exceptions....same in Oregon...in California?...nope

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    Just saying...if you grow indoors, wouldn't that eliminate most of the need for pest control?

    Not to mention animals, mistakes of nature, etc.
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    Emerald cup is for outdoor grows only..
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    actually not. growing indoors can make a relatively small problem a major infestation due to the closed space.
    outdoors you encounter bugs and shit that eat your plants, but you also have the predators that eat the bugs, so the chance of losing an entire crop are low.
    Indoors in the absence of any natural predators the insects/mold/whatever can reproduce or grow freely and quickly wipe out an entire grow.

    outdoors large critters like deer are going to be a bigger threat than insects, except fucking grasshoppers, those bastards never stop eating and can strip a small/medium plant in a few hours!
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