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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Meretrix, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Last weekend I ingested roughly 55mg of DIPT with a friend. We also smoked quite a bit of cannabis before, during, and after the trip, and I do not remember all the times that well but overall we probably smoked three grams of some high quality marijuana throughout the day.

    T+0:00 - Take the DIPT capsule (Lime flavored :D)
    T+0:20 - Slight tryptamine tingles are noticeable
    T+0:30 - First auditory changes are noticed when I hear my friend talk and his voice is getting lower and lower.
    T+0:45 - Every person's voice sound much lower now and the body high has set in and it is pretty nice. Feel a fizzing in my stomach which seems to keep rising, but isn't particularly uncomfortable.
    T+1:00 - Listening to music (Radiohead) was amazing, as I could hear every single instrument perfectly and it seemed as if I were able to hear frequencies that I normally couldn't which made the music seem to fit together even better.
    T+1:30 - Listened to music which was still amazing the entire time, my friend's room mate wants to get food so we go to a local burger place, this is our first interaction with other people, as we hear people walk by talking it is very hard not to laugh since everyone's voice is so deep and has a metallic reverb to it.
    T+2:00 - Get back to my friend's dorm and try watching Family Guy, it isn't very interesting and the body high makes me want to almost sink into the seat while I'm sitting down.
    T+2:45 - We decide to talk a walk around town. We get to a track rally where people are pole vaulting and the whole scene is amazing since we hear everyone's voices extremely low and robotic almost. Definitely hit the peak by this point.
    T+3:15 - We notice that we can hear a harmony in everyone's voice and almost every other sound (We were trying to understand why this would be other than the drug, and we had a crazy conversation about overtones and how our brain interprets sound which actually still seems to make sense to me)
    T+3:40 - Look at a few smoke shops around town, it is still weird talking in front of people since even my own voice sound so low.
    T+4:30 - We get back to the dorm again and we can tell it is starting to come down so we just smoke some more and listen to music. Every instrument seemed to be altered differently so most music sounded completely disharmonious but was still really interesting to listen to.
    T+5:00 - I am back to the point I was when I was coming up when I could hear every sound perfectly however voices are still lower than normal.
    T+6:00 - Everything sounds normal except voices.
    T+7:00 - Go home, voices still lightly lower and music sounds a little different, I just fall asleep once I get home.

    I think overall it was a really great day and it is a really relaxed RC, definitely something to try if you don't feel like really 'tripping' since there is such a clear head-space with this. One of the only downsides I noticed about it is that whenever it was really quiet I would get a horrible high pitched ringing in my ears (Tinnitus), and also (But not particularly bad) was with the body high, whenever I sat down I felt like I wanted to stay there and lay down and not move at all pretty much, but once I got up and started walking I felt like I could go on forever. I also never got past a ++ the whole trip, so it was easier to interact with people when we were walking around town.
  2. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    Very nice.

    I am very interested in researching this compound if I can find a vendor that'll ship to USA.
  3. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    what kinda drug is this?,
  4. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    DiisoPropylTryptamine One of the weirdest tryptamines there is. Crazy stuff even though you are not really out there. It is an Auditory Psychedelic. It is rather fun, just gets old after the first few times you try it.
  5. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    It is a tryptamine

    Yeah I agree with that, I think it is much more recreational than other RC's but I can see how it would lose its luster after while.
  6. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    ^That is a good report though. ^

    Children sound similar to the little mega phones that kids play with and make the Alien voice. It is so creepy with the cling and clang movements of the voices. I wish i could remember this one song that this girl i used to hang out with was singing one time I was on the DiPT. It had some kind of indian type chants in it(a R&B/rap song) and it was the craziest sound coming from her mouth.

    Yea, I would only procure some more with intentions of using it with another compound. between to 45-65 mg range is just enough. I would say that over 100mg the body starts to really not like it in the system. At 150mg, within the first 10-15 minutes I was already in the bathroom not sure which way to stand/sit!!! rather unpleasant for that small duration during that trial.
  7. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    The megaphone thing is exactly what a lot of stuff sounded like, it was crazy. And as for relating it to music I remember part of it we were in my friend's dorm just talking and our voices started having harmony like in Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.
  8. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    sweet, glad you had fun with it.

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