dilaudid [hydromorphone]

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by -beatnick, May 29, 2007.

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    well i got 2 1mgs for free after getting them for a kid, but it turned out he didnt want them.

    i snorted one after that. almost immediately i felt the wierd headedness id experienced with oxy. around five minutes later i took a hit out of my bat. i was feeling butter then. i went to my friends house where we walked a few miles to a tennis court. we walked back after playing for an hour or so. i was still feeling it when we turned on lord of the rings. i pretty much felt it until i went to sleep and slept amazing that night.

    no after effects the next morning except a stronger liking of opiates. i think im done doing them for a while because i know theyd pull me in and make me crave more. so after doing roxycodone and hydromorphone in around a weeks time apart, i end my experimentation with pain killers/opiates for a while.

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