Differences Between Men and Women

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by leeds_91, May 30, 2013.

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    As a guy, pretty much the only things that feels physically really pleasurable for me are those which stimulate my penis. So I'm continually amazed at how much pleasure women seem to get from other, more obscure parts of their body being stimulated e.g. back and shoulders being kissed, earlobes being sucked and nibbled etc.

    > So ladies, what kind of things like that get you going? And do they just feel 'nice', or do they actually create intense waves of pleasure similar to the way that genital stimulation can?

    Also, I'm pretty quiet in bed - even when something feels really good for me, I don't need to moan or make any noise. Whereas the girls I've been with are constantly making various kinds of noises.

    > So are the noises you make generally involuntary expressions of intense physical pleasure you're feeling, or are they voluntary noises to turn us on and guide us as to what feels good?
  2. It isnt just the ones you've been with. If they cant talk they lose balance and fall over
  3. Alternative_Thinker

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    I don't think this is necessarily about the differences between men and women. A lot of men find the non-genital stimulation you've described to be pleasurable and sexually arousing: like myself for instance, lol. xD A lot of men also moan aloud during orgasm, while there are also women who are pretty quiet. I think it all depends on how intense the sensations are, what kind of moods they are in, that sort of thing.
  4. LOL! This just made my day
  5. nz male

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    If we are alone together during the day & having sex, we do make a slight bit of vocal noise but not so anyone outside passing by hears us. It lets my wife know I'm enjoying what she does to me & orgasms make me more vocal. Because we have a family member who sleeps in a bedroom nearby, we tend to be very quiet when having sex & don't want to wake up anyone. We I always close our door & the other family members door to make things more private for us.

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