diet pills make u slim trim?

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by gelseysimmons, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. gelseysimmons

    gelseysimmons Member

    i have seen lots of commercial sites which work for providing information for weight loss pills such as this site:
    do these pills work or not ?
    infact one of my frd has adviced me to have it, as she feel that it is safe and relaible , with pills and some efforts from ur side such as exercise will show u good result , i am confused what to do?
    i hope i should go for phentermine
  2. lola78

    lola78 Member

    I would avoid these pills. They have been associated with heart problems down the line. Google it. Phentermine was 1/2 of the combo diest drug phen-phen that was pulled off the marked because of problems. If you are trying to lose weight pills generally are hype . The only ones that really work you need a prescription for.
  3. HippyFreek2004

    HippyFreek2004 changed screen name

    erm....this is spam...

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