Did you go crazy in college?

Discussion in 'Sex Polls' started by Z3N, May 28, 2007.

  1. Z3N

    Z3N Member

    How many sex partners did you have in college?

    How many one nighters?

    How many people did you only have oral sex with?

    Vote and please explain.

    The poll is anonymous, so you may as well be truthful.

    If you are shy, take the poll. It is anonymous. No one will know who you are or how you voted.
  2. lostinanovel

    lostinanovel Member

    yeah, wild times....
  3. How many sex partners did you have in college? 2

    How many one nighters? None, only long term partners

    How many people did you only have oral sex with? Lost count
  4. Sponge bob

    Sponge bob Member

    is this all you'd like to talk about?
  5. fountains of nay

    fountains of nay Planet Nayhem!

    Who says you need to go to college/uni to go wild?
  6. My thoughts exactly. I went a little wild a few months back and am now trying to gain control of myself, and it had NOTHING to do with college. :&
  7. peachybabie

    peachybabie Member

    i think your poll is a but sexiest no?
  8. Ass1over

    Ass1over Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I like the ONLY choice given for men LOL
  9. peachybabie

    peachybabie Member

    yea lol its kinda silly, i mean i know a lot of guys who havent even had sex with 5 girls, hell even 2 and i know some girls that have had sex with like 20 guys then some that havent had sex with any
  10. MaximusXXX

    MaximusXXX Senior Member

    After 1 year, at Uni I only went out with 2 ladies.

    Do you even know how easy it is to get pubic lice?? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    No, seriously though it's best not to sleep around TOO much.
  11. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    How mant sex partners did I have 2
    How many one nights 1
    How many people did I get some oral action from 2
    Collage was shit
  12. Z3N

    Z3N Member

  13. Z3N

    Z3N Member

    I do not want to hear guys bragging about sex they never had. I heard it a lot before, elsewhere.
  14. Z3N

    Z3N Member

    Read post 13.
  15. Z3N

    Z3N Member

    Read post 13.
  16. Sponge bob

    Sponge bob Member

    i like you lady. oh i do [​IMG]
  17. well when i first got to college i met this girl who seemed really popular and she was in my dorm building - she was cute - so we hung out alot. We went to this party and it turned out to be a frat party with like 50 plus guys - well every guy in the place was trying to get any girl they could and as i got drunker i was getting hornier. i was drinking tequila and vodka and what ever else i was given. well i went out to the pool and this guy came out and started touching me - i didnt even know his name - well he took off my shirt and bra then his shirt and by then i was super horny - he was cupping my tits and slowly working his hands in to my pants - inside my panties, started fingering me - he had nice arms and chest muscles. so i thought about it for abot a nano second and figured what the hell - well i took off his pants eventually getting him on top of me and he started fucking me really hard - and with all my moaning and screaming - we attracted more ppl out side, then next thing i knew there was 11 guys standing around unzipping thier pants and they all ended up fucking me... that was with in the first 3 weeks at being at college - there is even a video of it some where on the internet - havent been able to find it my slef but - college for me was wild - i think i got to about 35 guys and about 15 girls in 4 years
    slutty?? sure - but only to you - to me it was fun and i learned alot in school :)
  18. ToneDef

    ToneDef Banned

    i call bullshit
  19. wally m

    wally m 14

    I had fun in college. I didn't learn anything but I had fun.
  20. Call it what ever you want...

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