did abbie and dustin reconcile their differences?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by ChiefCowpie, May 20, 2004.

  1. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    just wondering if anyone knows if those two brothers reconciled their differences before abbie died?
  2. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Nope, Dustin could never get over the fact the Abbie sold out to corporate media and wrote a book called Steal This Book.
  3. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    wasn't his brother's name jack? i feel so dumb asking this. he's my idol. i haven't gotten around to any of his biographies yet and none of his books- or any other books that i've read mentioning him- say anything about a dustin.
  4. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    they stopped communicating which is why none of the books about each ever mentions the other
  5. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    but in family pictures, it doesn't show a dustin?
  6. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    WAIT! is it all a joke? i just put together what you're saying his name was. i didn't put the hoffman at the end of dustin. are you trying to make everyone think abbie hoffman is related to the actor dustin hoffman (from the graduate, rainman, and numerous other films)?
  7. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hi maryfairy! Welcome to a ChiefCowpie thread!!:D

    Bring your own grain of salt!;)

  8. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    i feel so dumb for not putting that one together til today! i wasn't going "dustin hoffman is abbie's bro" I was saying "abbie hoffman has a bro named dustin." it just didn't click.
  9. MichaelByrd1967

    MichaelByrd1967 Garcia Wannabe

    Dustin and Abbie Hoffman were brothers!?:eek:

    I didn't know that!!!!!!
  10. luvndrumn

    luvndrumn Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Well, there ya go, youngin'!;) Ya loin sometink news erry day!:rolleyes:
  11. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    yes, dustin and abbie were brothers...their father was albert hoffman...ever heard of him?
  12. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I liked the movie... Steal This Movie... i think it was really well done...
  13. Nathan11

    Nathan11 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    And Albert was their father!!!!

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