Did a step 5 yesterday

Discussion in 'Recovery' started by uitar9, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Day 91-met with a local nun , who I learned at the end , has been doing step 5's since 1977.

    Off to meet with the sponsor tonight, watch a hockey game, eat some nachos finish 6 and 7. I committed to 6 and 7 yesterday during my quiet time.

    4 was very strange-felt detached, looking back at my life. Was concerned that I wasn't doing this right. Man did that change. 5 was very moving for me and tearing up the step 4 brought closure.

    Emotionally draining but man, I managed a little peace-the tornado in my brain slowed down a little.

    Meeting this morning-a great room.

    Maybe I'm trading the old life for a new addiction, but I didn't drink yesterday and I'm feeling good about today.

    A good 24 to you all.

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