Dicussion of drug sources, police activity, status of other forums etc

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by Mr.Writer, Apr 26, 2012.

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    If you have joined Hip Forums to discuss another forum, to discuss a source, or to discuss police activity as it relates to other forums and sources, you have joined for the wrong reason! This forum wishes to maintain an unblemished reputation as a website for free discussion, whenever possible.

    Unfortunately, when there is, for example, a lot of DEA activity around the RC community, we cannot "harbor" the RC community flocking here to re-root or otherwise bring any attention to a website which wishes to continue existing.

    You can use this website to :

    - share photos

    - share psychedelic experiences

    - share any other experience

    - share youtube music and videos

    - post opinion polls

    - discuss news, art, technology, sex, etc

    What we do not wish to see this website used for, is as a "safe haven" for drug traffickers and people with one post count asking for sources, asking where their forum went, asking if they know if so and so is in jail, asking if such and such source is still around.

    We are quite lenient here, but if you join and make a thread or a post along these lines, it will be deleted, and if you persist you will be banned.

    You cannot private message until you have posted 50 times. We value contribution to the forums, not a quick in and out info stop that acts like a police magnet.

    Thank you and enjoy your stay! :)

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