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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by WoWnerd, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. WoWnerd

    WoWnerd Member

    i know i have said this in other post but i thought i would make a topic on it. cuz im good like that XD

    im pretty dexterious myself even though i have the lack of long toes like i would like i think i do pretty good for what i got. i do exercises on the bus if im wearing flip-flops and sometimes i take off my socks and shoes anyway. many people here ware flip-flops all the time cuz it pretty much always warm if S.C. there are some girls at school who i never seen ware flops though, those are probably the ones that have the long toes like i would like to c, as i said in the other post.

    i just found another thread with this idea in mind sry for the bother i didnt know about the sub-forum =/
  2. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    I just want to make sure I understand this. Sorry. The part I put in bold;--- they never wear flops because they don't want to show it, or does this mean they are always bf? That would be amazing.

    I've posted before, I pretty much drive with my toes. I don't need the rest of my foot very often. Of course, I still have to do the steering, shifting, and other dashboard stuff with my hands--
  3. WoWnerd

    WoWnerd Member

    oh sry if that is kinda confusing lol, im not a great typer i guess. but i ment that by they hide there "possible" long toes because they r afraid of being made fun of, like i would be afraid to be made fun of going barefoot to school. hell i was afraid to ware flip-flops when i was in middle school cuz i thought only girls should ware them and that guys that wore them were wierd...yeah im not to confident about myseld XD

    i wish they went to school barefoot them chicks got some nice feet. that feels wierd to say but i matter as well embrace my fettish, im just wierd like that *shrugs*
  4. Cool Spruce

    Cool Spruce Member

    Well, times are changing! I wish it had been OK to wear any of this when I was in school. Not till my senior year in high school did I ever dare wear shorts to school, and the sandals came later. Waste of good time, I say.
  5. WoWnerd

    WoWnerd Member

    one of my friends that i said never wore flip-flops wore them a couple of days ago. she went to a prom and paid the money to paint her toe-nails. so that monday when she went to come back to school her mom made her ware flip-flops so she could show them off since she did pay 80$ for them. I said "its about time u wore flip-flops, i thought you were wierd." and she said "oh i hate to go barefoot my mom forced me to wear these."...ouch...that sux, and her feet look so pretty too. Her toes arnt as long as i would like but then again that is a hard feature to find, and despite that they are still rly pretty. its a shame. 2 days later she started wearing shoes again. i guess that is how it works sometimes.

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