Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by high_down_under, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. is there gonna be any effect from taking a certain amount of this, or is it just gonna make me sick?
  2. abrad84

    abrad84 Member

    Please don't try to get high from anti-histamines. They will not get you high but may make you delirious, this is not fun in any way. I see you are 14 and therefore probably live with your parents. They will catch you if you do this. It is quite hard to hide the fact that you are talking to imaginary people and acting very strangely.
  3. A-Shwa-Child

    A-Shwa-Child Member

    Not to mention that people well disappear on you and youd think you are holding something but your really holding something totally different... Bottle cap = Keys for me...
  4. i am elated i finaly got a hand gun
  5. delirous in what way? like, a seeing-things-but-its-all-good way? or a hearing-voices-and-cant-see way?
  6. as in thats a knife you're eating not a brownie

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