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Discussion in 'Psychic' started by LovahHubbyPapaBrotha, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. I am not trying to control it but anyone who is in the know I'd appreciate some advice. I know we all have this ability but most of us are just turned off to it. About two years ago I started plugging into it meaning...

    Just for an simple example...

    Feeling a strong urge someone is about to call or getting something in the mail or feelin' the need to call someone and before the dial tone starts they are on the other end stating they were getting ready to call you.

    Again I can't control it but when it comes on I know it is happening and let it take its natural course.

    Now I also can say this all started happening after 3 years of 3rd shift work. My cicadian rhythm was fucked and I took Melatonin pretty regular. Could the lack of sleep and the Melatonin caused me to break through?

    I also have predicted the seperate death of my parents within a few weeks. They were both ill prior to it so it wasn't a big surprise but I felt a strong connection to them before their passing. My Mom was a big one because I live in a seperate state. I rushed to see her and within hours she was gone. All I can say is I knew it was time and she wanted me there. I don't think a connection between parents and children ever go away, especially Moms. I feel that connection with my daughter now and she looks exactly how I pictured months before she was born. I know that is normal with women but I am her Dad. I also have felt her in a terrified state one night while watching tv and proceeded to go to her room. As I approached her room she started to wimper. I felt her fright in the living room. She was having a bad dream and I comforted her back to sleep.

    So as you see I would appreciated any shared stories or knowledge.
  2. DirtyVibe

    DirtyVibe Member

    and you can also experience the same thing on shrooms and lsd. they tap into the spiritual parts of your brain and make just coincidences seem like they have higher meanings and are precognition, etc.
  3. chegzy

    chegzy Member

    i think ive had quite a few simmilar experiences but mine are pretty random, i would like them to happen more often but iys not the case
    when i get mine though its always a day im on a complete straight head which makes it more interesting for me, no drugs or such like involved what so ever
    its crazy to imagine were only using 10% of our brains, the potential we have vould be unlimited, just dont think the human race is ready for that much knowledge
  4. DirtyVibe

    DirtyVibe Member

    we use 100% of our brains, but sometimes we only use 10% at a given time because each part of your brain is good for specific tasks and you aren't going to using the book reading part while your playing basketball.
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    actually the saying comes from teh fact that less than 10% of our brain is neurons, teh rest is fatty insulation
  6. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    (you surely dont use 10% of all your known skills at any one time do you???)
  7. IronGoth

    IronGoth Newbie

    The smarter you are the less brain power you use.

    "Thinking" involves shifting your brain electricity into a certain pattern.

    If you monitor the brains of a grandmaster at chess and someone who's developmentally delayed playing chess - the GM's head is barely ticking over, even when he's playing Deep Blue - whereas the guy in the hockey helmet and the Power Rangers T-shirt is lighting up the sensors like wildfire.
  8. batmannu

    batmannu banned

    hheh well.. Im not psychic, tho sometimes I know in few seconds period that I will fall down and wualaa it happends.. like once, I was in the computer class and my bootlace were opend.. I was like.. joking.. hahah I will fall down for sure.. and wualaa.. there i was going out from the class and between the door I just suddenly was on my stomach and laugching shit out of me.. and another time I was on the street walking over the road and I was like.. yeah I know I will fall down again.. and suddely there I was on my knees.. it is just like things yer joking about justcome true.. :p bad karma or something :p Sometimes I have urgent feeling that how i feel is right and sometimes I ask it from my friends, am I right then or not.. and kinda :D once i had feeling that one of my friend had had sex with her bf only for once, and so I asked about it. But she refused to tell me the truth.. so dunno was I right or not :D
  9. Smerfish

    Smerfish Senior Member

    haha Bat you never cease to amaze me girl!
  10. I do not believe there is any way of defining intelligence. Psychologists have tried to do so and have classified it into seven different categories, if I recall correctly. But wisdom is not tangible. It is nebulous, ever-changing . . . that's what makes us different from each other. I know plenty of musical prodigies who can hardly write their names, my younger brother included . . . an idiot savant if you will. Under bright lights and with a guitar in his hands he is a genius; in a classroom he is next to retarded. While there are plenty of people who would be the reverse. It's not just talent, it's pure intelligence.

    Perhaps intuition, which science deems untrustworthy and folly, comes from a more untraceable force--that which gives us life itself. Don't believe that science can answer everything. There's more to the human being than meets the eye or the electrode.
  11. junco40

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    But do you guys actually want to tap in to these abilities and work with them or do you just want do go "ew kewl" when you get a random happening?
  12. batmannu

    batmannu banned

    hahaha Im just being me.. I guess im kinda NAUGHTY most of the time.. :O :p
  13. adrian nor

    adrian nor Member

    Suck U! I don't like spamming! PSI can be both funny and useful. For instance telekinesis, wich I can do isn't very useful when U're a beginner. Intuition and telepathy on the other hand... ;)

    Check out
  14. I'd say continue to let it come naturally. Feel your whole life out for what comes naturally and feels right, and embrace it. Even if this does not increase your psychic 'powers', you'll reap many a reward from it. Use it for good, show whatever is showing you, that you won't abuse things or ignore your inner guidance if it shows you some sweet shit. And take big heed to what it warns you of, listen to it and spread love and do good. Also, don't go around and brag about realizing certain things. Some things are better kept to yourself, like one Family Guy episode where George Bush is talking to God and God is telling him to keep their relationship on the DL.

    If you follow your natural feelings and do and learn what your supposed to, your spiritual connection will continue to increase until things start to get REALLY interesting.

    Remember too, to trust your feelings. Something that was recurrent with me when I started to tear down the walls in my brain, or drugs started tearing them down for me(perhaps even in a literal sense), I started to focus on it A LOT. I used to wonder about it all the time...Same thing with syncrhonocity. Once i discovered that, at every happening in my life, I would be like, ohh I wonder if this is happening for a reason too, oh and what about this! It's easy to make too much of it. Let it come to you, and trust it what it does. I get all sorts of psychic preminitions and sometimes I'm like, no way, I made that up, my brains playing tricks on me(it does that sometimes), but with experience, I just KNOW sometimes.

    Your right though, we all have hearts or inner guidances or intuitions. Or souls or feelings, or angels or whatever you want to call it. Things that can help guide us and show us things in life, it's just a matter of listening to them. It's very easy not to though, and then sometimes they shout in the form of a hard lesson, but it's more often than not our own fault. Listen hard, the heart whispers sometimes.
  15. Psychic abilities have often been linked to depravation. This is why shamans fasted and stayed awake for days for some rituals. In your case sleep deprivation may have kicked it off. Anytime you deprive your brain of nutrients or rest it will slow some of it's functions, and stop some alltogether in extreme cases. This works very similar to lsd because it inhibits the uptake of shugar in certain lobes. Your brain is only a filter for your true mind that posesses limitless potential including what some perceive as psychic "powers". Shut down the filter, and you are capable of these things.
  16. qolice

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    The skills in art are right-brain itelligence, and the skills in school are left-brain intelligence. Both are measured on the IQ scale. There's also an eIQ, but that's basically just a scam. Heh..

    Anyway, anyone know how to actually tap into psychic ability? I know that all the psychic people say that anyone is capable of tapping into their psychic ability. I want to tap into mine but it's not as easy as they say.

    I can see other people's personality and, to some extent, their future with astrology. I want to be able to do it in other ways as well. Please if anyone knows how to do it, can you tell me?

    Sorry to sound..

  17. adrian nor

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  18. kanizu

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    as to your question, i would try meditation , but before that try working on your other 5 senses first, it makes things flow a lot better, im sure this is where i should probably give you some website to go i wont. meditation should be more personal and independent according to the person. ohh yeah, and your not promised instant result but i would try something that actually force you to strenghthen your five senses like, a smell test, or perhaps a taste test. thats all.

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