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    Devcoin was created by developers, and supports independent developers and artists. Meaning, this coin supports the creation of FREE TO USE: Games, Music, Videos, Stories, Graphics and more.

    Most coins when mined, all go to the miner. When Devcoin is mined, 90% of the coins generated go straight to Devtome which is a project that helps developers and artists earn Devcoin.

    I write on Devtome, and I am earning 20,000,000 Devcoin for writing 64,000 words this month.

    20,000,000 DVC trades for 40 Bitcoin
    40 BTC trades for over $4,000... for 64,000 words [​IMG]
    Which makes every 1,000 words worth over $50. Who can afford NOT to do this, lol.

    The eventual goal of Devcoin and Devtome can be found by looking at the Devcoin bounties. There are tons of projects listed, including: Creating a village, creating vehicles and creating a 1 seat rocket that can enter and exit space multiple times.

    These projects will help not only Devcoin, but Bitcoin come to the light as a charitable and progressive cause.

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