Detailed dreams about organs and hurt bodyparts

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by AmniaAstronomica, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. So about 2 month ago I had a dream about my hand.
    I had somehow hurt myself, and I could see the insides of my right hand from the side; all the blood vessels, flesh, muscles.
    Just a really detailed and strong image.

    But this was not at all a nightmare; but I usually never have nightmares at all. Maybe had 2-3 bad dreams the last 2 years and I keep track of my dreams most of the time.

    So since this dream about my hand, I dreamt about my leg the same way. But this time it was more as if my leg had rotted away. From the front my leg looked normal, but from the back it was hollowed out.

    And tonight, I dreamt about holding a human heart. Unfortunately I don't remember the circumstances, but I clearly remember a very detailed image of a real human heart.

    What could these kind of dreams mean?
  2. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    If you are a doc. , nurse , or work in medicin these dreams might just be your brain going over daily stuff. Some one could be telling you to get in to health care. It is also possable that at night while asleep you are going in your astral body to a hospitle , but only remember as a dream .
  3. I do not work at a hospital; and non of my studies have anything to do with hospitals or anything like that either. But both my grandparents where surgeons.
  4. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    Your grand parents could be giving you some kind of message . If you know what a lucid dream is , you become aware of being in a dream and take control . If you can while in a dream about med. things ask for a message or meaning .
    P.S. If asked I can post links to other forums with dream sub. sec.s
  5. Abra Cadaver

    Abra Cadaver Member

    I had a dream similar.
    I dreamt I was a cadaver (funny huh) and i was on the metal table covered in a white sheet. My bf was above me in a long white lab coat and holding a scalpel and a rotator saw. He opened me up and was smiling the whole time as blood splattered on his coat and goggles.
    I didn't feel him cutting me open (I guess I was dead and couldn't feel anything) but then he started pointing at my organs and taking them out and saying what their names were.

    Ya... I had this dream after studying for an anatomy mid term that night. :lol: Definitely the cause of too much studying before bed.

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