Describe your gay crush just for fun

Discussion in 'Gay' started by Hip-Hoplover1, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Hip-Hoplover1

    Hip-Hoplover1 Member

    I'll go first. His name is Garrett. He is tall with tan skin and short brown hair. He has deep blue eyes. He is extremely muscular. You should see his legs. His legs are hairless, muscular, and sexy. His calve muscles in the back of his legs are huge. He has large biceps and petruding pecs. He has deep sexy abs and strong comforting hands. He is practically built like a Greek god. His chest and stomach are hairless and beautiful. His arms have the perfect amount of hair. Not too little and not too much. He is kind of a jock. He wrestles and plays football. He goofs off in school, which I think makes him even cuter. He has the softest skin and lips and the most adorable voice. He also has a firm muscular butt. I hope you enjoyed this description.
  2. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy Member

    He goes by Mason (his real name is John) and he's in the grade below me, which I think greatly adds to the sexual appeal because unlike the people in my grade who I'm constantly around, I don't get to be around this guy that much and desperately want to be closer to him. His hair is brown, it used to be longer and shaggier but now its shorter (which is fine but as a general rule shaggy = good). He plays lacrosse and is in pretty good shape, but he's still thin, which I greatly prefer to the "huge jock" kinda thing. He sometimes wears black boxers :X . He's outgoing but not too the point where it gets annoying. He's also the one responsible for turning me "gay", so I have a special attraction to him.

    And he's going to be in the high school building next year with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D
  3. whereami

    whereami Member

    9+ inches,cut,trimmed/shaved,rock hard & loves to be sucked & drooled all over.
  4. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    ...he's straight
  5. Hip-Hoplover1

    Hip-Hoplover1 Member

    Yeah, Garrett's straight too.
  6. Closet Kid

    Closet Kid Member

    His name is Jason and has the most amazing eyes ever
  7. reduced2teeth

    reduced2teeth Member

    Well, I have 2. One I've been in love with for years now and the other is just some kid who I went to school with for a few months. Since this is just crushes I'll describe the second guy.

    A bit short, black hair, a tiny bit of baby fat around his face, not fat but not THAT fit either. Cutest English accent ever. I don't know what it is about him but everything just comes together and makes him the hottest/cutest thing alive. :D
  8. well_ok_then

    well_ok_then Member

    OMG, this is Tony in my Scince class, he has the BEST ass I have ever seen and hes hardcore muscular. He has huge arms which I love. He has the best green eyes ever and he has the CUTEST voice ever. I have a "dream" about him every night. Lucky for my hes stright...oh wait that SUCKS =)
  9. JI G

    JI G Member

    i have a few.. im not gonna mention names.. the first one
    -tall, beautiful eyes, blonde hair, pretty muscular, a grade above me.. we have been friends since we were like 7 though
    the next one
    -goes to my church..he could be gay.. not so sure though...probably straight... but anway...CUTE face, shorter then me, not very strong, blonde hair, brown eyes, small length (his package).. but damn he has a HOTT face.. and abbs...
    the next
    -friends with the above hair, brown eyes, plays basketball, and is strong...big.....
    oh and the last one
    -brown hair, blue eyes BEAUTIFUL, MUSCULAR..the school tested him for steroid use twice b.c. heis so strong, has an obsession with working out.. on a saturday if he has nothing to to he will do that all day with brakes inbetween... wants to be in the military (unfortunatly)
  10. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    not really a crush anymore, but...

    he's pretty tall (6'3"), black hair, honest eyes, cute, amazing person..
  11. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy Member

    oh...I have a tendancy to be stubborn with my crushes and deny the possibility that they're we'll say Mason is completely gay and comfortable with it :)
  12. SelfControl

    SelfControl Boned.

    About 5'10", shoulderlength dark brown hair, slim but fairly-defined, smooth chest, brown eyes, tattoo of baby elephant on right hip. Looks a lot like Jesus. Currently travelling round India/hiding from me in his basement.

    This one's not quite a crush yet, but here's hoping:
  13. Hip-Hoplover1

    Hip-Hoplover1 Member

    Even if sweet Garrett was gay he probably wouldn't go out with me. And since he's straight and since I love him so much I am going to be happy for him whatever he is.
  14. Lanze

    Lanze Member

    There is this one gay named Chris that is fully polish and he is really smart and I would say he is a twink but he always talks like he doesnt know anything if you know what I mean, like he is in a daze. I think it is so cute. He is so hot to , tons of people want him. It is too bad he is straight because I could be there to love him. It's weird though he goes out with the ugliest girl when all these hot girls like him and he openly admits that he hasn't had sex with her, maybe he could secretly be gay? I'm probably just wishing it though.

    One time we were in gym and changing at the end and he had no shirt on, I went to go by him but the area was extremely narrow, so I kept on sidestepping and getting in his way (while trying to making it not obvious that I was staring at his chest) and he was side stepping to but after a bit he finally got around me, he just laughed about it.
  15. luxhombre

    luxhombre Member

    I prefer bump gays, you?
  16. Strangeness

    Strangeness Member

    Theres a guy named chris at A camp called "Ymaw" hes 17 He had a great face and he had a great personallity I fell in love with him But He is probly straight. And I hope to see him again.He was polish Maby We are talking about the same guy
  17. Lanze

    Lanze Member

    Not likely, he lives in massachusetts and I dont think he is 17 yetm but if so i will fight you for him if he is gay.
  18. Hip-Hoplover1

    Hip-Hoplover1 Member

    So how many of you are actually in love with your crush. I know I'm in love with my perfect perfect Garrett. What about you guys?
  19. Lanze

    Lanze Member

    Yes I think I am in love with Chris, or else these feelings wouldn't continue for 2 years. Ah well there are more fish in the sea that will actually appretiate my love.
  20. pianoperson60

    pianoperson60 Senior Member

    I love and hate crushes at the same time. Love 'em obviously, because they are crushes, but hate them because they are almost always unrealistic, and make me get upset. I have this tendency to think that I have some amazing insight into guys' sexualities- i.e. I analyze every single thing that a guy does and manipulate it so that it somehow shows he is OBVIOUSLY gay.

    Anywho, my crush is this cool hippy guy, who probably isn't bi or gay, but I'll still stupidly hope for him. He has shoulder-length dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and a beard (which is an automatic plus), and is a lot of fun to hang out with.


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