Describe your first lesbian sex experience(s)

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by MaydayParade, Aug 22, 2012.

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    I looked around for one of these threads, but couldn't find one for some reason.

    So: Describe the first time(s) you had sex with another woman.

    Did you take it slow or did you go all the way the first night? Was it a friend or a complete stranger? How old were you?
    Just everything! We all love reading these stories!

    And if you haven't had the chance to make love to another woman yet, you can always describe how you would like it to go. :)

    I'll describe mine another day. I'm going to bed!

    Happy typing!
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    I was 17, my friend and I were sitting on her bed, drinking wine and watching movies. She started running her finger along the top of my pants. I became instantly aware of my entire body, every sensation, everything was tingling, alive. I sat staring straight ahead, excited and terrified at the same time. Her finger traveled up to my breasts, over the edges of my bra and then behind my back. She unhooked my bra, slid it out from under my shirt and tossed it to the floor. She turned my face towards her and kissed me, I kissed her back, passionately. This was a long time coming. I pulled back for a second and reminded her she had a boyfriend. I didn't want to be something she would regret. She said she didn't care. She unbuttoned my pants; I pulled off her shirt. We kissed more. I again made sure she was ok with doing this. She said yes, and pushed me down onto my back, climbed on top of me and kissed me with long held desire. We took the rest of each others clothes off. She kissed me all over, I did the same to her. We explored each others bodies. It was awesome.

    We spent the next 8 years together. While far from being the perfect relationship, I don't regret it. We broke up a year and a half ago, but are still friends. She was my first experience with another woman (and I hers) and my first love. Something we will always share, even if we were not meant to stay together.
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    Well, I was starting to figure out the fact that I wasn't into men when I was about 18 and after I got the guts to do it I asked one of my male friends what I should do and he just said, "so go try it"
    Obvious advice really, so I did. I found a chick online and we started chatting and chatting and a few weeks went by and we decided to meet up. We met up and I took her into my room. Even though we both knew it was going to happen we didnt say anything about it. OMG I was scared. I was trying so hard to hide the fact that I was shaking from her cause I kept thinking, "what if I find it so repulsive I freak out. What if I touch her down there and her goo freaks me out?"
    My normal reaction when I'm scared of something is to shove my face in it and so, quite literally, I did. We kissed and Im thinking, "Oh yum, this is good, this is good, ok now....." And I went down on her and absolutely went for it. BEST THING EVER!!!!
    Afterwards it was like a huge wall in my brain locking away who I really was exploded and now Im me. The real me, not the me I was pretending to be. I dated that chick for two years even though it was just meant to be a hook up. I broke her heart in the end and now she's with a guy.

    Not the most exciting first time experience but you did ask!
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    I had to wait a long time, even though we are together for years. Well it was worth it.

    One day I noticed she was kind of different. She called me and I could hear she was tense and nervous from the tone of her voice. She talked strangely and I took it as a sign that she is finally ready for it. She asked if we could do something special in the afternoon, I agreed and told her to pick me up later.

    When I finished work, we went to a restaurant. I was mad because of something that happened at work, and tired too, so I wasn't in the best mood. Despite her attempts to be romantic and flirt with me, I responded in a rude way.

    Since I didn't seem to be very open for stuff that afternoon, she offered to drive me home.

    In the car, we didn't say a word, we didn't even look at each other. She was disappointed while I was angry.

    She left me at the door, said she loved me and good night, and headed home.

    When I sat on my couch and thought about it, I realized I had ruined the evening she was planning. I called her, and asked if she wanted to come over again for a drink.

    Just the moment she said 'Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can', I ran to the bathroom, took a quick shower, shaved, prepared myself, put on some of the perfume she gifted me, which she adores, and looked for the most erotic underwear I had.

    I decided to surprise her with a red lace bra/thong. I rushed back to the living room, put on my previous outfit from work again (I am attending lessons to become a beautician, until then, I'm working as a secretary in my brother's company). I knew she loved the tight skirt and high heels, and the fact that it was formal but at the same time sexy :)

    So yeah, she knocked on my door, I led her to the living room. I was hoping she wouldn't need to use the bathroom because it was a total mess. We sat there for a while, I apologized for fucking up, and after a lot of talking and laughing she asked me why I was still wearing those clothes. I said I could show her if she followed me. I could see she was both confused and VERY, VERY nervous. I think she noticed I was prepared for something, because my hair was a little wet. Although it's short, I didn't have time to dry it after the shower. I took her to the bedroom and locked up the door (Else I'm sure she'd try to escape).

    It wasn't too late yet. So it was a little dark, but she could still see everything.

    She was standing in front of me, doing nothing except shaking. I slowly unbuttoned my top, threw it to the floor, and before continuing, I asked her if she liked what she saw.

    She didn't say anything. She looked at my breasts, then stared at the floor, then again at them.. Until she said 'I don't know'. I kept stripping, removed all my clothes except my underwear. Sat on the end of the bed, then layed on my back and asked her to come. I commanded her to kiss me everywhere and undress me. She started from my mouth, to my neck and shoulders.. I scratched her back and encouraged her by saying how much I liked what she was doing. She sucked my nipples and then licked her way.. Down. She felt much more comfortable and confident once I told her what to do. Although it was obvious she was inexperienced, it was honestly amazing.

    I had to tell her what I wanted, but she obeyed.
    It was like an explosion of feelings. So many sensations at once.. Her touch made me feel and even believe there's only her and I. All my problems and worries disappeared for as long as it was happening.. Gosh :)
    Then we cuddled in bed, and after some weeks, she allowed me to please her too :)

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