Describe our (your bits) Girks

Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by CharlotteLondon, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. New and loving this I thought my first post should be a fun one and hell I'm as curious as the next girl about our bits and being the middle of winter here in the UK the only person I see nude these days is me! well trimmed..(this month any way), my ex sez I have tiny clit fact it is really hard to see (but sooooooooo sensitive) and my left Labia is most defiantly longer than my right and has tiny ridges on it!

    Your turn!

    Charlotte (in a freezing cold London today)
  2. Tempting (lol) but not here - but maybe swap a random self pic or 2 with another like minded minded fem

  3. sith1

    sith1 Member

    yeah, this thread is going nowhere
  4. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    Have clit like Russian gymnast.
  5. Firm and taut then!
  6. louise36

    louise36 Member

    Hey labia minora r brown & pink, fat,& hang down about a 1/4 inch past my labia majora.stretching them to get longer. My clit is big. Lol. U can always c it peeking out my lips while I'm standing up.
  7. the godfather

    the godfather Banned

    lmao :D

    penis that looks like..............erm...................... a penis :D
  8. louise36

    louise36 Member

    Thanx Girl. Ur pic n a bra looks nice to!
  9. kym1979

    kym1979 Member

    my lips are pouty and pink they hang out a little more than average and my clitty pokes out a lot when i am aroused :)
  10. Kama

    Kama Member



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