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  1. xic3manx

    xic3manx Member

    Im not sure to call it depression bout it sure feels like it. I havent really got anything to be depressed about.. i have a car with no finance, my job is going fine, my health is great but then its been 3 months since my gf broke up with me after she arrive from overseas. (just for the record we've been dating for 3 years) i guess it does relate to that.. but i just dont care bout things anymore dont have moviation to do anything more. as for my hobbies and work.. its just a chore i gotta do everyday.. get it over and done with. life just feels boring nowadays and im startin to be anti-social and just daydream. i wanna get my movitation back but i cant seem to get past this issue.. i dunno if im doing something wrong or just havent accomplish something.
  2. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    Maybe you're just not over your gf yet,that could cause the symptoms you've described.Maybe time's all you need.Hang in there,I know relationship stuff can really affect a person.Or that may not be it at all,and you're beginning to expirience signs of real depression.Other than your gf is there any reason you're feeling this way??

    May Peace Prevail,
  3. xic3manx

    xic3manx Member

    other than my ex i dunno.. i have a hate grudge on her but i just feel bored with the things i do.. its not like i dont like doing them but it has lost its excitement. i feel like i wanna leave and start somewhere new. everyone just annoys me too cause they keep asking me pointless/simple questions. i only have a few good friends that i chill out now with cause the rest seem not my type anymore. im not a very lazy guy.. i was highly active but i've been real lazy and making excuses not to do things.
  4. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    That's very similiar to what I expierienced a little over 4 years ago or so.I just feel like I had a nervous breakdown or something i dunno.I ended up moving about 3 1/2 years ago.It does'nt solve your problems and at first I meet people here and started partying alot and made things worse.I stopped all that crap and have moved on.What I wanted to do was start over somewhere without the people places and things I had known before lots of mixed memories mostly bad I'd say.I had felt so bad before I moved I felt like I did'nt want to see another human being for the rest of my life.I had alot of negative shit and negative people,I had had enough.I brought my troubles with me though and have been trying to get it together ever since.I knew I had to start out real slow since I'd been feeling so bad about everything.I'm doing better so far.I'm unemployed still unfortunately(Struggling artist).I joke and say really really struggling artist and really that's the fact.My sense of humor helps me.Seriously though I meet a nice girl and we've been dating for awhile,so far so good.She's real supportive.I have alot of hobbies.I've only got one friend where I live and one good friend I talk to over the phone,he lives far from me.I try to keep active here on the forums and I talk to my family members often who also all live far away.I've got my therapist and my doctor and try to do my best with that.What I'm trying to say with all these boring details of my life is start where you are,in whatever state of mind you find yourself.Start out slow.Rebuild your life.Begin to be more positive find something to be happy for (The smallest bit will do).Watch out for the negative messages you tell yourself,those will really bring you down,even without you realizing it.Break out of that negative groove your in.A little is a beginning and it counts for something.It's good enough,you can do more tomorrow.Don't tell yourself negative things over and over.Don't waste to much time thinking about things that make you feel bad,you can't afford to do that right now.I'm trying to break out of my lazy patterns and illness I do the best I can.It gets better all the time but progress is slow.It works if you work it so work it you're worth it.I may not be all I want to be right now but I've found a level of happiness I had'nt had before and that's good for right now.I would'nt have believed I could be so happy 4 years ago the way I'd been feeling no way.Life was'nt meant to be lived with no passion for anything where life itself is a boring worthless chore.It was meant for much better than that.An old friend of mine used to always say-Get over yourself!.It would piss me off cause deep down I knew he was right.Feeling bad's a waste of good time,begin to find happiness in life again.The happiness you want is out there waiting for you.I've been there I know it sucks.I'm still going through it all.
    Well sorry about the long post and my life story lol but I hope something i've said might help you in some way.
    Life's a journey and feeling like shit is part of life but so is feeling good.Allow some happiness in your life it's not against the law and stay away from negative paople who bring you down.
    Hope you feel better soon!And I hope you get your edge back.
  5. ginkgo

    ginkgo Banned

    If you have 5 of the 9 below for over 2 weeks, it could be depression.

    1. Depressed mood
    2. Loss of interest in usual activities
    3. Loss of appetite
    4. Insomnia
    5. Psychomotor retardation (slow thought or movement)
    6.Loss of energy
    7. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
    8. Diminished ability to think and poor concentration
    9. Suicidal thought or action

    See Help for Depression
  6. laurenq

    laurenq Member

    hmmm i dont know if your depressed maybe just sad and lonely
  7. xic3manx

    xic3manx Member

    thanks for the long post joe.. it really helped and opened me up. i'm doing better now. im getting some passion back in the things to do =] and avoiding/ingoring ppl who put me down.. atm im just utterly pissed at someone so i feel like killing something!

    laureng - you may be right.. for the past 7 years i've been in two serious long term relationships.. and the fact that i gotta adjust to not having someone there is really hard....... long lonely nights =(
  8. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    Hey no prob,glad it helped.Cool [​IMG]
    Hey I don't know the ins and outs of what happened but try to slowly let go/get over that anger,feeling like killing something can't be good to your mental health lol.Seriously though,try to work it out.Sometimes a little forgiveness goes a long way.That does'nt mean you let them off the hook or let them back to hurt you all over again but rather begin to let it go and heal so you don't feel like killing someone all the time.It's about *you feeling better and besides people make mistakes.Glad things are going better good to hear.Keep at it, hang in there! Is'nt this fun? LOL,..
    Don't let things get you down sounds like things have improved alot in this short time.Great.
  9. xic3manx

    xic3manx Member

    i dont really wanna kill someone lol but just that feeling that u wanna. it comes and goes.. cause im just fed up with them but i try to let it go pass with without doing any regrets. i usually use my anger to my advantage so it motivates me to be better/prove them wrong than that person next to me. works been real busy which is good giving me less time to think about my issues and more on what i gotta do in the day and the next day. went out clubbing couple nights ago where i was able to let out some relief and let go.

    hahha.. that crack me up.. thanks for that!
  10. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    :) Awesome lol,it's great not to take everything so deadly serious.
    Anger can diffenetely be used as a motivator if channelled right,don't let it overwhelm you though.Keeping busy always works for me too,keeping the focus off my problems and on something else can help alot.Is'nt dancing so cool,dancing's an awesome way of expression so much fun.
  11. fibre1

    fibre1 Banned

    Being sad and lonely isn't great... I suffer from depression, which I'm taking rhodiola rosea for - IT WORKS! :D No side effects now (I had disturbed sleep for the first week or so.) So please try this, it's an aptogen not an antidepressant so it's safe and effective. :)
  12. laurenq

    laurenq Member

    hmm i dono if just being sad and lonely constitutes for meds cuz im "clinically depressed" as well and i prefer to do no meds o yea

    get a girlfriend man and keep up the good work

  13. xic3manx

    xic3manx Member

    I'll be right without meds for now lol

    get a girlfriend ay.. be good if i remembered how [​IMG]
  14. its hard but just stay strong . Try to look forward to the future...and find friends..staying home or being alone makes a person depressed!!
    goood luck

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