depression and acid?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by jennifericous, Jan 5, 2005.

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    my boyfriend is depressed, currently taking anti-depressents. he has a massively addictive personality (i know acid isn't addictive, just a little background) do you think it would be a bad idea for him to try LSD? i tried it, but i think it was bum cid. although i was at a squat in holland and had already taken a box of hawaiin shrooms, half gram of mdma, and god knows what else. but didnt feel any effects. i really wanna try it again, but dont feel like i can do it if my boyf cant.
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    well, you should research possible reactions between his meds and lsd first off. after that its his call i suppose. but i wouldnt recomend it, speaking from personal experience, lsd and deppression can be a very dark combination...but that dosent mean it will be. the directions and possibilities are infinate once you punch that hyper-space button, especially for one who lacks expirience.
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    unless you are very careful (but yet not overly careful) to present a upward experience the whole time while he is on it.. I wouldnt do a dosage too high...

    I'm pretty sure Hofmann wanted to distribute very small doses of LSD as a mood enhancer or an anti-depressent or something similar.. but it can be dangerous if it doesnt go right.. i've had a couple of trips while I was really depressed (a heavy one made it a lot worse.. not just during the session.. but also since it..)

    but now after how my last negative trip was.. I dont do it if I dont feel 100% ready to tackle the world and beyond when I wake up in the morning... If i'm depressed, tense, upset, angry, pissed (same thing i guess..), or whatever usually isnt considered positive.. then I refrain from doing it.. or I do a very small dosage.. small enough where I can still function pretty much fine but I feel good lol...

    but a medical viewpoint (which probably shouldnt be done by anyone that doesnt know what they are doing, and that doesnt mean a doctor either, and doing this with yourself can be a little bit risky as well..) you could use the session to try and find out whats cuasing the depression and understand it and hopefully overcome it.. but that can be risky becuase its easy to make it worse...

    but i've noticed psychedelics tend to cuase they're own style of depression sometimes.. just due to what youve learned about whatever and the reality we are living in...

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