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    Anybone have suggestions for deodorant that works? I've tried Avalon Organics lavender and Kissmyface patchouli. I don't want any aluminum or funny stuff.
    But by the end of the day, or sometimes even at the beginning, pweewweee, I stink! What's a nice brand/scent to cover the odor?
    Yes, I shower. I eat healthy, I drink water.
    So, what's the trick?
  2. I use a spraybottle with water and lavender EO.
    a really hardcore deo is just plain baking soda but that's a bit tricky to use :)
    I also don't know if it works in advance, I always use it to stop smelling :)
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  4. Carlfloydfan

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    yah I have run into the same problem.

    toms of Maine deodorant is just no good.
  5. ooh those recipees are awesome!! thank you!
    I suppose combining the liquid and the vast version into a gooey one is what's gonna solve my last deo-problems!
    I must say though, I tried before, but couldn't find pure shea butter anywhere! where do you guys buy it? I'm Dutch.. thanks!
  6. drumminmama

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    read the hair board in the links. Lots of Dutch and German members. They'll know where to get it. And online is always an option, if not the best.
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    Zinc oxide, find this in the baby section of stores as it also is used to keep skin dry. Very inexpensive and a jar of it lasts for years
    It works by creating an uninhabitable environment for odor causing bacteria that lasts 1-2 weeks. That's right, between applications you'll be odor-free for days.

    To apply:
    First, remain product free in pits for 3 days, to unclog the pores.
    At bedtime shower, apply zinc ointment on pits.
    Wear an old shirt or PJ top. The ointment is messy so this is not something you wanna wear under your better clothes. It's only needs to be repeated in 1-2 weeks.
    I reapply b4 i even get a faint smell, in 10 days, so i never smell.
    Remember to reapply before trips, camping, etc.
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    I make an excellent deodorant for myself. I made it off the top of my head one day with just what I had laying around the house, so the measurements aren't exact, but here's an idea:

    -1/2 cup cornstarch
    -1/4 cup baking soda
    -enough water to create a spreadable paste
    -1 tablespoon jojoba oil (or any light body oil), which helps it bond to the skin more easily
    -a few drops each of lavender, tea tree, patchouli, eucalyptus or rosemary oil, scented to personal preference

    -Mix into a spreadable paste and for best results, apply immediately after showering. It's really amazing stuff, better than any store-bought natural deodorant I've tried. :)

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