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Discussion in 'Hot and Horny' started by Just_a_woman, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    I was writing a post on another thread about how much I love to see my husband with another woman and this image crawled in my mind, kind of surreptitiously, but surely, and now, it won't leave me.

    I know I'll have to masturbate.

    Well, what is it? I'm imagining my man standing, his legs apart. There is this gorgeous woman on the mattress of our favorite lifestyle club. And she's licking his balls. I can see her tongue, her lips... I'm in quiet surveillance, checking if she's doing the things I know he likes.

    His cock is so hard. I have to pin myself to the spot not to intervene. I'm biting my lips and guiding her in my thoughts: suck his cock. Suck his cock.

    I'm weak on the knees. I can almost feel as if it was my tongue doing it. I know the textures of his balls so well. I actually wet my lips, inhale... I miss having my nose buried between those balls, his scent all over me, all in me, lightning in my nostrils, traveling under my skin, a wave of goose bumps all the way to my clit.

    Oh, oh, that feels good. Just... so good.

    And I dizzy in urgent arousal.

    I suddenly become aware there are two of those. Yes, two of those gorgeous women. This one has such big boobs. I peek and he's looking down, admiring her sensual anatomy.

    She's on the mattress too, exchanges a kiss with the other goddess and stares that blazing stare at my husband's cock.

    "I know," I'm sympathizing in silence. I know. I know how good it smells, how beautiful it is... how irresistible it is.

    She's in tune, because she parts her lips and I see her tongue reaching out to my man's glans.

    I'm so wet down there. I feel it going down my thighs.

    She's an eager woman, for I see his cock... or rather, I don't see his cock anymore... it's gone, tucked into her mouth. She's moving, fucking my man's cock with her mouth.

    Oh, goodness me... she takes it all in... and almost all out... I can hear it, I can see it... it's almost as if I could feel it. "Good girl," I'm thinking, amused, happy, hot. And he's in wet, hot mouths heaven. One woman still playing with his balls, sucking and licking them. Another giving his cock a good suck-fuck. I see she's moving fast... and I can see my man is trying to delay what's coming, because he likes it to last.

    And she slows down... oh, she slows down so much... too much... I can hear him screaming in frustration, in my mind. "Poor thing," I think. And she moves again. He's so relieved...

    Her boobs move, too, coming against his legs... it must feel good. A change from mine. Beauty in difference, pleasure in variety.

    She stops again, teasing his cock with her tongue, kissing it sweetly, slapping it with her tongue... he tries to move his hips forward, she let's him in, but moves a bit backwards. He's desperate to cum. It's burning in his balls... no, it's boiling in his balls. I so know my man.

    She keeps giving, then taking. I skip a heartbeat. What is going to happen? Let my man come, I'm thinking. I'd never be so mean.

    And then, I see his hand on the back of her head, gently pushing her towards him. She doesn't move away and he takes it as a sign it's okay. And he holds her head with both hands and fucks her mouth, just his glans and a small part of his shaft, not to discomfort her.

    My man's hands on the back of that woman's head! Have I ever seen something as exciting? He bends his knees a little as she, grabbing his legs, pulls him even closer, taking his cock all in her mouth.

    I'm drooling, my pussy is drooling, my clit is the only part of my body I can feel. It's overwhelming.

    And moaning, he cums. I see his eyes closing... I can feel his sperm as if it was in my mouth he was cumming. I lick my lips... she's licking hers, licking his cock. The other woman moves to get her share of it. They are kissing, his cock between their lips.

    I'm surprised by a touch on my clit. A man, a stranger. His fingers holding my clit tight. I move just a little, and my body is shaken by that much needed orgasm.
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  2. kp2640

    kp2640 Member

    Well, It is obvious what I need to do to myself now!
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  3. Bear123

    Bear123 Guest

    Mm very naughty, sounds like you might need to chat to your man and make that a reality.
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  4. Mrs.H

    Mrs.H Something Witty

    I am getting the invitation ready. That was steamy!
  5. Jo King

    Jo King wannabe

  6. Homie_B

    Homie_B Member

    That was a nice story. Always wanted that to happen to me.
  7. hmmm, i get aroused by the thought ...... although m just 25 n not married, this sounds delicious....
  8. Metalhead79

    Metalhead79 Visitor

    damn to bad we cant post some steamy pics, my dick is crazy hard after reading that!
  9. cowboys filly

    cowboys filly Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    wow i love the sound of this, go make it happen for real
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  10. Lovnflman

    Lovnflman Members

    I do wish my wife thought like you. There is no way she could handle me with another woman. She's slept with another man, but that's a one way street.

    Nice story and well written.

  11. Wm46

    Wm46 Members

    Wow I am now hard as a rock! I feel Precum leaking. What a turn on
  12. Just_a_woman

    Just_a_woman Member

    I'm happy you guys enjoy it!

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