Discussion in 'Books' started by Iris Moon, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Iris Moon

    Iris Moon Member

    Has anyone seen this movie? I've been steadily working my way through Jean Pierre Jeunet and got this one for Christmas. Watched it the other night but I'd been travelling so my mind was opretty warped by the whole thing, and I fell asleep at sporadic intervals so my memories are hazy....but the design is amazing and the lead guy, is his name Domanique Pinon or something? I forget right now, but it was like a chocolate box -- albeit very disturbing.

    While I'm on to it, my fav of his films is City of Lost Children. It's so haunting and scary.

    Are there any more aside from those two and Amelie?

    Iris xxx
  2. Iris Moon

    Iris Moon Member

    Arrrrrghh! I posted in books by mistake! Sorry, I thought I was in movies!

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