Deja vu + dreams. Connected?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by FareakinOut, Jan 31, 2009.

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    Does anyone else think there may be a correlation between dreams that we cannot remember and the eerie feeling of deja vu? The average human being goes through about 4 cycles of REM every night, and REM + dreaming only lasts for a short amount of time, 4-5 minutes. Which is mind blowing judging on how long dreams can seem. Granted every individual does not remember every dream, I think it may be possible that some situations that occur to us while dreaming can be very similar to real - life scenarios later on. This could explain the intense feeling that a certain situation has happened before, even though one cannot put a finger on it.

    idk..just an idea.
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    J.W. Dunne published a book called An Experiment with Time, wherein he postulated a link between deja vu and sleep. He attested that dreams are filled with a blending of past, present and future phenomenon, though what future elements cannot be determined. It may be something mundane like viewing a co worker reach across a bulletin board, then seeing it in real life and feeling "deja vu". His theory is still relevant today. Read the book, as he gives instructions for the reader to experiment for himself.
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    Okay, I actually find this an incredibly interesting topic.

    I'm told, by many different sources, that deja vu is when your eyes look at something or see something, but the synapses/optical signals do not fully connect with the brain, then you look at it a second time, and the signals DO fully connect, and thus you get the sense that you've seen something before.

    I've had dreams where I dream i'm in a certain situation, say in class, sitting in a very particular place (for example, third seat from the left end of the second row) with my chair at a 45 degree angle to the desk, my friend sitting in front of me on the desk with his feet up on a chair and various other friends all in positions around me. One friend is standing by the board and says something humourous at which we all laugh, jsut as the teacher walks in. Then either the next day, or maybe as much as a week later, exactly that situation occurs. Now you might say "well fair enough but in a class that situation would arise fairly commonly" but that is just one example, this has happened on numerous times for me.

    With regards to seeing the future... I've had several incredibly futuristic dreams recently, the most recent of which involved someone contacting me in my sleep through the use of dreams, essentially telling me that the world we live in atm is a computer construct and that the real world is roughly 100 years in the future etc etc and they've mastered dream manipulation... like some kinda of weird fusion of The Matriz and Vanilla Sky.

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