Defining Masculinity

Discussion in 'Men's Issues' started by ClearSkies, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. ClearSkies

    ClearSkies Member

    Hey guys,
    So as we are all individuals, I'm sure we all have our different views on what is considered masculine or not. I'm curious because one of my flaws is my inability to really tap into my masculinity (long story). So I was wondering what would each of you define as masculinity, and what one can do to achieve masculinity.
  2. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    It is not always what you see.

    Real strength is far more than muscle.
  3. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    You're not giving me a lot to chew on here.
  4. TheGhost

    TheGhost Auuhhhhmm ...

    You could start with zero tolerance for dishonesty and bullshit.

    Basically, what I'm saying is: grow a pair. :D

    Sorry couldn't resist .... the first part stands though.
  5. CarlosDanger

    CarlosDanger Member

    ask the women: whomever has the biggest penis is the most masculine.
  6. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    Not at all masculine performance , some are built for show and some perform.
    Just like cars!
  7. LOL, Carlos Danger as a username, that cracked me up
  8. SpacemanSpiff

    SpacemanSpiff Visitor

    i always though it was my abundant chest hair that confirmed it

    and ability to grow an awesome beard
  9. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    Just gets caught in the zipper .
  10. Terranaut

    Terranaut Guest

    First and foremost be a guy. Anything masculine about a woman is such a turn off. I don't know how to define it for another guy. Try as hard as you can to look like Gerard Butler. I'm 6'3 and look good with facial hair. Some things you just don't do--like notice the flower pattern on the shower curtain. Who gives a shit? If you have to put your hands on you hips, your thumbs should be pointing backwards. Watch your pinkies.
  11. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    I always thought it was the fact that I am absent mammary glands and a vagina that confirmed my masculinity.
  12. ClearSkies

    ClearSkies Member

    Haha you guys are too funny
  13. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    What you will do for your children defines your masculinity and you as person.
  14. happypills

    happypills Member

    Masculinity=Manly Men doing things in a manly way.

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  15. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    Some men think they are doing manly things when they are just being dicks!
  16. happypills

    happypills Member

    Yeah but dicks are so manly!
  17. falconer

    falconer Member

    You need to flex your muscles for the ladies and call out to them, "Hoo! Hah! Hoh! Hey pretty mama!"

    The more Johnny Bravo you are, the more masculine.
  18. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    But i see flexed muscles that fuck up 24/7 and their lives chaos.
    Nerds rule?
  19. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    You look at the best athletes, bike racers and risk takers , they are all nerds but potent.
  20. Jruglove

    Jruglove Member

    I like the zero tolerance for dishonesty and bullshit response here. That really drives at th attitude aspect. However, when runner meets the road, there has to be action and action has to be a part of the discussion because of its practicality in possible situations. Sometimes "turning the other cheek" is simply not a viable option if we are defining masculinity. So I would have to say being able to take care of yourself and others by making swift appropriate decisions has to be up there. Martial Arts should be taken more seriously by everyday people like lifting weights or running is. And shouldnt be just for karate geeks and talented MMA fighters. Martial Arts instills respect in yourself and acts a precursor to really respecting others, and by others that means the "bad guys" too.

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