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    Clear liquid soap pump bottle
    glass stones, marbles or coarse gravel*
    silk flowers
    (optional) plastic goldfish


    1) Soap pump bottles can be purchased, or you can recycle clear bottles that come prefilled with your favorite liquid soap. Begin with an empty soap bottle, or remove labels from prefilled bottles and pour out about half of the soap from your bottle for later use as your bottle gradually empties.
    2) Add glass stones to the bottom of the bottle, about 1-1/2 to 2" deep. Marbles or pretty gravel could also be used as a base if you wish.

    3) Now insert silk flowers cut to fit the size of the bottle. Small flowers, like lily of the valley, sweet peas, or violets, are very effective. Insert the flowers stem side down into the bottle, using the stem of the pump to push the bottom of the flower stem into the glass stones to secure in place.

    4)Fill the soap bottle about half full with clear liquid hand soap and, if your want the aquarium look, add small artificial fish. Once all embedded decorations are in place, fill the bottle to within 1 inch from top, allowing for displacement caused by replacing the pump aparatus.

    You now have a custom made soap pump bottle that you can design to co-ordinate with your bath or kitchen color, decor, etc.

    NOTE* if you use gravel, make sure the stones are larger than the hole in the pump dispenser tube, or it will clog when you dispense the soap.

    [​IMG] For an added touch, melt some clear glycerin melt and pour soap, rinse your favrite soap mold, cut stem and part of plastic holder of silk flowers to coordinate with what you used in the pump, place flower side down, stem facing you, in to the mold, cover with the clear melt & pour soap and you have pretty, coordinating soaps to match.

    NOTE* the bars will dry clearer if you cover the exposed area of the soap with a small piece of cellophane, to remove bubbles first spray soap with a slight spritz of rubbing alcohol, then cover with cellophane.

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