Dear Adam

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by mrsmorrison27, May 26, 2006.

  1. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    this is a poem i wrote when my brother left me without saying goodbye. its in my book.

    You're so far away
    But I can still feel you
    The way you left
    Tore my heart into
    It seems like you dont care
    But I pray that you do
    This abandonment
    Still haunts me
    I can't seem to forget the pain
    And all the tears
    I cried for you-
    Are all in vain
    You're never coming home
  2. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    woops my mistake lol blonde moment
  3. lady_dreamcatcher

    lady_dreamcatcher Local Cannibal

    wonderfully blunt and straight to the point. excellent read, this, my friend. tank you for sharing!
  4. indian~summer

    indian~summer yo ho & a bottle of yum

    i like it and who cares about grammar/spelling
    i've seen alot of published poems with mistakes
    it doesn't matter
    you should have just said it was intentional :p
  5. trekker

    trekker Intrepid Traveler

    Your poem is very touching. It is heart felt and very sweet.
  6. mrsmorrison27

    mrsmorrison27 yoda piss

    thank u guys. i wanted it to really express how i felt when he left, because it broke my heart. so i thought i was make kind of nieve and to the point, because thats how i felt

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