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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by elover, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    Swim found a source that will sell 33 supposedly 20mg, pressed 2cb tablets for $200. Works out to about $6.08 a pop. IF indeed swim decided to turn around and sell these, which the people that swim knows/associates would hopefully buy up quickly. Selling back all 33 pills at 20/per that would be $460 in profit...Swim thinks it should be done.
  2. omshiva

    omshiva Member

    i'd be very careful who you sell it to, don't let it get into wrong/inexperienced hands. is there anyway you can check to make sure the pills are legit? or that they actually have 20mg each in them?
  3. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    A rave is the only place I can image that would have lots of people willing to do a drug most people have never heard of.
  4. Jimmy420

    Jimmy420 Member

    swim knows which rc guy your talking about (???_???????? swim got 2 free samples from them and no visuals, it was a speedy high. So in case you did not know, dont tell people they will get visuals like shrooms, tell them its like a roll (swim took 2 at once)
    swim got jaw clenching, high amounts of energy, warm, little numb. No pupil dilation though lasted 4 hours.
  5. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    They are only 15mg.

    This vendor used to go by a different addy - AoD
  6. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    I had read that they were probably 12.5mg's. How long did it take for you guys to recieve your sample?

    Either way, you could sell these as rolls and I bet you could still sell them quick as hell, seeing as how everyone complains about the purity of rolls. If I was at a rave/fest/concert you could easily get rid of them all in one night.
  7. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    You'd need to take 2 to feel anything IMO.

    I suppose that's alright since you americans are willing to pay that much for pills. But in the UK pills are $4/each
  8. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    You are already getting ripped off, When I go to buy 2cb I pay less then a dollar a dose. Yes you could turn that over for profit but that source is shit anyways.
  9. vibra

    vibra Member

    If you want to make a profit on selling RCs you should buy big amounts directly from the labs in China.
  10. AuraithX

    AuraithX Member

    The fact that these are PRESSED PILLS is what makes it so appealing. I don't think anyone considers it a bargain
  11. omshiva

    omshiva Member

    get a candy press from india and make your own :)
  12. trancedeviate

    trancedeviate Member

    Thats not even a good deal, it's 660mg for 200 bucks if he puts 20mg in them. And from what people are saying, he doesnt. So that really sucks ass actually, don't do it.
  13. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    omshiva, go look up how much a decent pill press is. They aren't cheap.

    gdeadhead were you saying the source I was talking about was shit? I don't mind paying that much for 33 pills, the point is I make a profit. If I had a source for 2CB that cheap it would just be that much more of a profit.

    Also this is the only source I know of with 2CB...soo if anyone wants to send me a source or two, that'd be cool.
  14. Geneity

    Geneity self-proclaimed advocate

    Meh I have another source for 2C-B other than this one.I can't remeber it entirely though. I'm sure someone I know does. Argh.
  15. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    Why do you feel the need to rip people off? You are the last person I would ever share a source with.
  16. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    Alaxsxa...I have a surprise for you! Guess what every store you've ever been to does.. guess what your drug dealers do? They buy things for a set price, and turn around and sell it for more than they bought to return a profit. It's called a fucking business.
  17. Alaxsxa

    Alaxsxa Member

    If you say so. Remember that businesses arent human and just because capitalism exists that does not make it a good economic model. I know plenty of drug dealers who think along the same lines as you and they dont get my money. Then there are some dealers who I have no problem with supporting because they care about the product and buyer. Most of them I consider as friends. The fact that you would lie about something as basic as the name tells me enough. Hell even most corporate (walgreens, cvs, etc.) pharmacists care more about the end-user than you have shown here.
  18. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

    What the fuck does that even mean that businesses aren't human? I never once said I don't care about people or the product. Swim would in fact be selling to mostly his friends, and he/she would explain to them what it was because they have the right to know what they are ingesting. If swim did sell it at a rave I'm sure he/she would say it was ecstasy due to it being easier to explain and people would be happy that they bought it because it's a good product, they got the results they wanted with the product they had bought, and not some methstasy. And if you think that major corporations like, walgreens, sams club, etc. care about the consumer then you are indeed a sad, sorry, lost hope.

    The point of this thread was not to start an argument but merely share an idea. I would appreciate if next time you kept your pessimistic, negative comments to yourself. I can not make you for you have the right of speach, but I sure would appreciate it.

    Also I never once said that I was selling any product or knew where to get any products to sell. It was merely someone who isn't me, but I do indeed know.
  19. elover

    elover ritz with cheese

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