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  1. Baguley1988

    Baguley1988 Member

    I have two dealers at the moment, one is a friend of mine who grows a small amount in his bedroom and another who buys in bulk from another dealer. You can tell the difference in weed. The homegrown smells very nice and fresh and looks very green. The stuff from my other dealer is not as green and smells strong but alot different - doesnt seem very fresh. Was just wondering which would be the best? the homegrown would be my guess as it looks and smells really good and natural. What does everyone think?

    Thanks for all the help


    MR.BACKWOOD Member

    Homegrown Defffffff. if i had homegrown connections i would be a very happy person!
  3. Baguley1988

    Baguley1988 Member

    i thought that would be the case. whats the difference?

  4. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    well the homegrown is fresh, u know where its coming from... the other u have no idea where its been, and how many people its been through. but then again i don't know the quality of them.

    what are your thoughts, which one do u find better...?
  5. Baguley1988

    Baguley1988 Member

    i was buying it from the dealer for a few weeks, as i am knew to smoking i didnt know much about it. The stuff i get from him gets me high quickly but doesnt last very long to be honest. Its appearance is light green with little brown hairs. It is very light and fluffly. Recently a friend sold me his homegrown and it was alot greener (looks much more like i imagine weed should look like) smells very fresh, (almost like freshly cut grass if u get my drift) and gave me a much more relaxing euphoric high.

    What you think?

    Thanks dude.
  6. thomyorke

    thomyorke Member

    ive had homegrown from 3 or 4 different places (one of them outdoor, was actually very good). but i find it to be pretty dense and not too strong of a smell so it is a little more difficult to sell, thats why i usually buy from dealers buying bulk. however if i didnt need to sell it i would definitely always get the homegrown, gets me a hell of a lot higher, i think the growers ive met just have to tweak their plants a little bit to be easier to sell.

    so yeah go for the homegrown, its consistant. sometimes dealers get different product which can be shit, but youll always know with the homegrown.
  7. Baguley1988

    Baguley1988 Member

    thanks ill take that into account. Also i know it has prbably been asked a thousand times but how much is an eighth supposed to weigh? just to make sure i dont get ripped off.

    Thanks again.
  8. thomyorke

    thomyorke Member


    MR.BACKWOOD Member

    Yeah stick to the homegrown for the best experiences. A dime bag weighs 3.5 grams. Don't get gypped
  10. thomyorke

    thomyorke Member

    an eighth is 3.5 grams, a dime bag doesnt have a weight, its 10 dollars worth. 3.5 grams for $10 probably swiggy
  11. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    i always thought a dimebag or 10 worth was 1g. a 20 was 2g. and an eighth is 3.5g... lol
  12. CircaX43521

    CircaX43521 rat in a drain ditch

    I had this amazing homegrown orange kush a couple weeks ago. I got like 1.5 for $20, and it was some of the best weed I've ever smoked.
  13. Baguley1988

    Baguley1988 Member

    thanks, just wanted to check as booth guys gave me different amounts. Either someone has given me to much or not enough! havr to break out the scales me thinks

  14. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    yea i wish..if it's not shwag.
  15. ishade32

    ishade32 Member

    an eighth is an 1/8th of an ounce, which is 3.5 grams. if ur in the states and ur getting an eighth of good weed, you should be paying about... $40? i dont know i dun live in the states
  16. -CoDy-

    -CoDy- Member

    $50 for an 1/8 around here.
  17. d4wt

    d4wt Member

    lawl @ dime bag weighing 3.5g.

    dank wise... 3.5g would be an 1/8, dub, twenty, etc. divide that in half and you get 1.75g to equal a "dime". but who in the world asks their dealer for a dime bag of some headies? lawl

    if schwag/mids are coming into play... then i would hope that your dime sacks sit on 2, twenties sitting on 4 and quarters on 8 ;)

    as far as pricing... around my area it's usually in the 225 range for an ounce.

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