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Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by SagaciousKJB2, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Now, I want to be very blunt. I don't mean De Ja Vu in the sense of, "This seems very famliar". I mean De Ja Vu, in a way that I can actually predict what's about to happen seconds before it does, because I KNOW that I've been in that exact scenario before. I'll give you an example.

    Today, I was on another internet forum, and someone linked to a video. They offered no description, or anything of the sort, and I began watching it. About half-way in, it clicked. Everything about the situation had happened before. The part of the video, what was on my television, the time, what was on my desk, EVERYTHING was exactly the same.

    Now, here's the odd part, and an oddity that happens quite frequently. I have de ja vu, of having de ja vu. The second I realized that this had happened once, I realized that I had also had de ja vu about this moment. I KNEW what was going to happen, a second before it happened.

    I thought, "Sam is going to IM me," and sure enough, not more than a second later, Sam IMs me. So at this point, things were slightly different than before, so I figure my De Ja Vu trip is over. I ask her what's going on, and she says she's moved. Instatnly, I get this fucking rush in my head, of like... Images, of previous conversations with her. Instantaneously, I know she moved to Iowa. I thought, "Well, let's see how accurate I am." I ask. Sure enough, she's moved to Iowa.

    This sort of thing happens to me all of the time. What's worse, is I've had triple, even quadruple-layered de ja vu. Each time, I'm able to predict what's going to happen with more time than previously.

    Some people enjoy their de ja vu, but it drives me mad. It's a distict difference between, "I think this has happened to me before." With me... It's an unavoidable FACT that I have experienced it before; I remember everything about the situation at hand, and I acknowledge it in my mind before it even happens.

    Does anyone else get de ja vu like this, or just me?
  2. prismatism

    prismatism loves you

    yeah. it's like when you're thinking, and you think "i am thinking".
    next, "i am thinking about thinking"
    "i am thinking about how i am thinking about thinking"
    it can drive you crazy.
    "i am having deja vu"
    "i am having deja vu of having deja vu"... so on....

    maybe it happens in that time right before we fall asleep, when we are thinking, but once we wake up for a second or two (we become aware that we are almost asleep and jerk back into the reality of someone who is laying down about to sleep), although we know we were thinking deeply about something... we have no idea what it was.

    i still remember this. when i was really young, early elementary school young, i was at my cousin's house in california. i had this memory of a tiger pillow (it might have been a purse, i dont remember), and having my head under my cousin's bed in the dark, stored really back in the sub-conscious of my mind, where it didn't really surface but was definately there as a memory. then one morning i woke up, after falling asleep on her floor, with my head under her bed, and the tiger thing (whatever it was) right under/next to me. i remember thinking how strange it was that i had been waiting for that to happen, and it finally did, and it was so random, yet specific.
  3. ayahuasca

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    that's intense man. i've had those multiple-layered de ja vu's, but it's never really lasted long enough for me to be able to know/predict what's about to happen. it's such a wierd feeling though. i'm really curious as to what these feelings are. like, i know i've experienced this before. but i know it wasn't in this lifetime. but how could it have existed if it wasn't in this same body? it really is a mind fuck.
  4. themnax

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    when we dream, one of the things that happens is our subconscous mind, freed of the tasks our daily waking life requires of it, runs simmulations, and nothing is beyond the pale of consideration.

    sometimes, later, in daily waking life, we encounter situations in places that closely or even exactly resemble those our dreams, often forgotten ones, have simulated.
    this is when we get that 'dejay voo' feeling. like KNOWING we've been here and done this before, but usualy not quite placing where when or how we could have.

    and sometimes, not often perhapse, but sometimes, those simulations and what they may have revealed, can prove to be/have been, actualy useful.

    more often though, it's just a matter of recognizing what we usualy don't realize to be the source of our recognition of it


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