Dc Initiative Passes. Home Grown/home Use.

Discussion in 'Cannabis News' started by Pieceofmyheart, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Pieceofmyheart

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    Possession of small amounts of marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia on Thursday, 2/26/2015. Initiative 71, a ballot measure legalizing marijuana possession and approved by 65 percent of District of Columbia voters in November, took effect at 12:01 a.m. EST. Sale of marijuana is still prohibited.

    The law allows adults to possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of marijuana and to grow six plants, three of them mature. Sales are barred but transfers of up to 1 ounce (26 grams) is legal. Bongs, pipes and other paraphernalia are legal but public smoking is not.

  2. AceK

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    good to hear:)
  3. GeorgeJetStoned

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    This means we can legally smoke out congress. What we should do is wholesale collect stems, resin and leaves and burning them in cans or even car mufflers to get the stench into all those stuffed government suits. OK, I'm being extreme.

    But the nation will look to this and say "if my lawmakers can smoke pot, why can't I"?
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  4. Lookatme

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    Please support DC Mayor if Congress attempts to jail her for being in willfull violation of the law or so it was stated. She is supporting what her constituents wanted. What a hero!
  5. Karen_J

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    A business in Georgetown has found a loophole in the ban against selling weed. Brownies! I saw people standing in a half hour line to buy them, just a couple of blocks from the river.
  6. GeorgeJetStoned

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    Yea, but brownies are harsh as all hell and clog your bong very quickly.
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  7. dangermoose

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    lol, thats rediculous. Everyone knows you should roll a brownie

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