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Discussion in 'Movies' started by dylanzeppelin, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. dylanzeppelin

    dylanzeppelin daydream believer

    Since the movie forum is finally back, mind as well bring this thread over but it can be started all over again.. Obiviously one of the greatest movies in my opinion..

    By the way, if you guys haven't heard already, on Sept. 14th of this year, they are releasing a Flashback Edition of this movie, including deleting scenes and an audio commentary from the director. Gotta buy it!
    "It would be a whole lot cooler if you did.."

    Have a nice daze!
  2. I just watched this movie (again) today before school, and it almost makes me sad that i cant live (grow up) in a diffrent decade. Im just too damn facinated by 60s 70s and such. And the movie is just wonderful itself much more realistic than other teen movies. ill definatly have to get the new addition.
  4. Spoonybard

    Spoonybard Member

    I agree, it was a pretty good movie. It gets boring after awhile though. For me, it's the type of movie you can only watch once or twice.
  5. Platinum_twf

    Platinum_twf Member

    I only saw it the time comedy central had it on (like 2 months ago, I think), I liked it, but I think they edited it for TV, because I just watched the thing about it on I love the 90s, and the few seances from it they showed I had never seen before, did any one see the version on comedy central, and the regular one, did they edit it? If so I was just curies how much was edited? I liked it any way, and was planning on getting it, so I'll wait to get to till the Flashback Edition when it comes out...
  6. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    It is a boring movie and I'll never understand this cult following that it seems to have. I can't even comprehend why people think it is so good.
  7. Tristen

    Tristen PushTheLilDaisies

    Rah, rah..I haven't heard that. Wasn't much of a fan of that movie, but really like the people. I'll watch it for that. I want the same hot actor/actresses in it. Who was that guy who was supposed to have the party, but his parents ended up not going away. His g-friend was Milla Jovovich. (Not Floyd..the other one) He was a hot, HOT man! Oh, oh..and the grrls (ALL). Wowiiee.. Sweet

    It is, it is ..
  8. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    it has some funny moments...its interesting to watch the development of the characters...it has a good story line throughout the movie...
  9. antithesis

    antithesis Hello

    It had unlikeable characters.
  10. dylanzeppelin

    dylanzeppelin daydream believer

    i guess everybody is different.. i enjoyed it with such awesome music, and great quotes. everybody is each their own i guess. the person that you were thinking of is kev pickford, the guy that was supposed to have the party played by Shawn Andrews.
  11. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    ok I must admit I liked the movie when it came out (back in 93) I believe, but man, the whole cult following and worshipping of this movie is absurd..... although you must admit the film started the careers of alot of actors like matthew mcconaghay, ben affleck, jason london, etc.
  12. Acid_Rain

    Acid_Rain Member

    i thought this movie was really good....i loved it. it took me forever to realize that that was ben affleck though
  13. krushul

    krushul Member

    definitely one of my favorites. thanks for the new release info. it's time to replace my old vhs copy from the high school days.

    you just gotta keep on livin man. l-i-v-i-n.
  14. I first saw this movie in the ninth grade, sub teacher showed it to me.
  15. LuciferSam

    LuciferSam Member

    It's a damn good movie, it's one of the more, say, realistic teenage themed films. The characters are more well-rounded and believable than many other movies I've seen of that genre.
  16. stoner

    stoner Member

    I love that movie,I have the dvd and i watch it all the time.lol

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