day trip to the country.

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by Graham, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Me and my dad went out to look at an old henge and then went for some fish and chips :) shame is was so gloomy..​
    Here you can see the outer banks and inner structure. Sadly all of the stones have fallen down and many have been taken over the years.​
    Heres a random style in the field next to the henge, the cowpat to the right i stood in on the way there :mad:
    Heres my dad trying to smile.. about 5 secconds later a big rain storm started.​
    There were some cool hippie/druid types in the middle playing celtic music. Some crazy ass mist came and surrounded them later, you can see its allready a bit foggy. It was very sureal.​
    And finaly me looking like a twat :D on a very windy hill. There was a massive cliff just to the side of me, ekk.​
    We are going off exploreing tomorrow round some castles and stuff. Hopefully it wont rain next time.​
  2. Earthy Mama

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    England is so beautiful... I would die just to be there even on the gloomiest day. Great pictures! Your so cute. :)
  3. Skelter

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    yeah, england is really beautiful, and you look very cool :)

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