Dawg Daze River Jam Sept 2~5, 2005 missouri

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    Heya Peacenicks!

    The Dawg Daze River Jam is just around the corner!
    Sept 2nd thru the 5th,2005
    Bird Island, Along the Niangua River, in Central Missouri

    It's been such a long, hot summer..
    The Niangua river is gonna feel so good.
    The jams, so sweet!
    Some groovy folks coming out to entertain, and amaze.

    Holy Frog is surreal music for surreal folks. These awesome guys take
    accoustic guitars where they have never gone before. Promise!

    Herb and the Herbs, A band for all seasonings is cookin up something
    tasty for your dancin pleasure.
    Jiggledy Bop! Yummy stuff. Garaunteed.

    Sheryl Clapton will be onhand with her special style that makes ya feel
    oh, so good. Oh yeah!

    Jennifer Leonhardt is joining us for the first time, and Tessa Folk is
    also coming out to introduce us to her twist on folk music. We are so
    looking forward to so much talent in the tribe!

    There is still lots of room for some phat jammin', so bring your
    instruments and join the phun!

    EarthMother Carla never fails to blow us away with her visual art.
    and Dawg Daze is no exception.

    Don't forget your drums, as the circle is so kind!

    The river is sweet, and cool, the perfect spot to beat the heat!
    Bring your innertubes and floaties for maximum river phun! (You can
    float in the river and see the stage)

    It's just $20.00 for the 3 day weekend, with all the trimmin's, so
    please plan to come on out.Kidz 12 and under always free
    *if you're short on coin, there are still volunteer opportunities.
    We want to see your smilin face! Send us an email, so we know what's up.

    What to bring?
    Your shiney self, your tribe, smiles, camping gear, floaties,
    sunscreen, and food to share. The free kitchen runs on donated food and
    labor, and helps to feed everyone. Feel free to plug in there, if you
    feel like cookin <grin>.Oh, and hugz, don't forget the hugz..

    We support open, free vending, The idea being family crafters and
    artisans can vend/trade/barter and the festie type vendors can afford
    to offer good prices, as they are not recouping vending fees. (we do
    ask vendors who use elcetric to kick in on that) So folks, bring your
    homemade goodies! Let's have a phatty shakedown street!

    >From Camdenton, Mo~ Hwy 54 to Hwy 5. go south on Hwy 5 south 12 miles
    to Hwy E
    >From Lebanon, Mo,~ I-44 to Hwy 5. take Hwy 5 north 11 miles.to Hwy E.

    Go west on E thru Eldridge and continue approx 10 miles. Stay right
    when pavement ends and follow the signs to the gate.

    Ok, that's the scoop. Come on out for some big phun, a relaxing time
    and a fine ending to a long hot summer!

    Looking forward to dancin witcha! and
    Lovin you all in the most positive way!

    Check the website for details!
    and print an invite for your friends here:

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