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    recently during a YouTube watching binge, I rewatched Shane Dawson's "dark web" video. I was intrigued cause I totally forgot about it. I started doing a little research of people's stories about it. There was some cool stuff I found. (if you don't know what the deep and/or dark web is,you should look it up. it's interesting.)

    back to the point. have you guys ever been on the deep or dark web? what happened? did anything scare you? what was the purpose of going on it? was it hard to find things? do you still browse it every now and then?

    this is not a "shout out" or supportive thread about the dark web. I'm just interested in the facts and details. I do not trust or like what all goes on in the dark web. Don't talk about CP On this thread unless it's a simple explanation or you are talking against it.
  2. I have never been on the deep web or the dark web. I think the types of things to do on the dark web are things you sort of lose interest in as you learn and grow. It's not on my radar. What I usually hear about in relation to the dark web is identity theft.
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  3. guerillabedlam

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    Dark Web is quite fascinating, it's quite easy to access things like drugs, weapons and gift cards. There are other deviant things I've heard about on there which either don't pique my interest or I've yet to see.

    The only one I know about is drugs, they are quite plentiful but you need to download Tor browser and utilize encryption or use a specialized OS, which Tor comes prepackaged with. Also they mostly only accept cryptocurrency, primarily bitcoin on there.
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  4. Ged

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    There is no dark side of the web, really. Matter of fact, it's all dark.
  5. neonspectraltoast

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    Hip Forums is the deep web to me.
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  6. Ged

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    Yeah. It's a dive.
  7. guerillabedlam

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    I commend you for the attempt at a witty remark but literally you cannot access many of the dark web sites on the "clearnet" or standard browser.
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  8. Ged

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    Are you threatening me?
  9. guerillabedlam

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    Threatening you?

    No, I got that you were quoting Pink Floyd but the statement didn't make much sense in the given context.
  10. Curious Libra

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    Not sure if we can post links here but this is only for a TEDx Talk on YouTube.. I found this really interesting and you may too :)

  11. eggsprog

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    I ordered some drugs from Silk Road back in the day before the original one was shut down. It was nice to be able to read reviews of the seller and product before ordering.
  12. la Principessa

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    Never used it. Pretty sure my sister has because I remember her paranoia about the government tracking her activity online and she had the Tor browser on her computer.

    From what I've learned about it though, there's no stumbling upon anything sinister accidentally. The URLs aren't hidden, they're just not indexed by traditional search engines. You can find lists of links online so you won't be getting into anything you're not looking for. The main thing that scares me about it is the websites that have snuff films and live streams of kids being tortured. I saw A Serbian Film and that traumatized me enough, and it wasn't even real.
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  13. Ged

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    This is why the internet is the best worst thing ever invented. I want no part of this.

    The internet is like God. It has an answer to everything but when you ask it the meaning of life it comes up with "Hungarian Humpers vol 3."
  14. guerillabedlam

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    Tor doesn't store your history for websites you visit when you use it, and it's layered with encryption.

    Conceivably you could search something and stumble upon some sinister stuff accidentally, but yes you can get specific URLs. The sites I've used usually have one main URL and then a whole set of Mirror Links. These are links which have a different URL but essentially go to the same website. It's fascinating stuff.
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  15. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    I think its existence is actually quite beautiful. In a society that likes to think it can surveil and dominate every activity.
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  16. Pink font, wow thats annoying
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  17. The idea of the dark web intrigues me but not to the point where I want to explore it.
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  18. Asmodean

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    I like the idea of it, just like a thing like bitcoin for example. But in reality its mostly for (criminal) opportunists.
  19. I'minmyunderwear

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    i assume that's why she's banned.
  20. eggsprog

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    Make sure to watch volumes 1 and 2 first, otherwise you'll be completely lost.
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