Dark Shadows

Discussion in 'Classic TV' started by Lilah_Morgan, May 31, 2007.

  1. Lilah_Morgan

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    I wanna start buying that show SO bad, cause they haven't reruned it in AGES and it was soooo funny!!!

    I used to watch it after school when I was 14, when they were re-running it on the sci-fi channel.

    THe over-acting, the expressions on their faces, it was all too much. lol
    The name "Barnabus" in itself is enough to make me laugh actually :)

    I think I"m about to start hinting to people that I want season one of Dark Shadows when it gets a bit closer to my Bday lol cause I"m too broke to buy it for myself right now
  2. hotwater

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    I enjoy watching Dark Shadows on the SciFi channel [​IMG]

    Friends and I have speculated that the fictional village of Collinsport is likely Bar Harbor Maine
    (based on bits of information from the show)

  3. LostLass

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    When I was a very young girl (barely past toddlerhood), my sister and I would watch Dark Shadows. It seems to me that much of 60s and early 70s TV acting is overdone. Kind of reminds me of Jon Lovitz's Great Thespian character from SNL. As a soap opera, it was rather ahead of the (werewolf) pack of the time. I don't think I want to see reruns of it because I was so young when it made its impression on me and I thought it was scary and romantic ... I think I'll leave my childhood memories of this one intact;)
  4. xexon

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    Major fan. I watched all the originals.

    About bores me to tears now though.

  5. maryjanegirl_2005

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    I loved Dark Shadows. I used to watch it all the time when It came on Sci-Fi. My favorite actor was Jonathan Frid as "Barnabus".
  6. stonedmonkiwana

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    I freaking love Dark Shadows! I remember when I would be sick and stay home from school I would always watch it when it came on the SciFi channel..

    I remember not so long ago.. maybe 4 or so years ago.. they were showing it in the mornings on the SciFi channel.. like around 7am or so.. Wish they still showed it then. I'd watch it. ​
  7. mscatamaran

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    i used to watch it on Sci-Fi with my mom with i was in grade K because that was half a day, so we'd watch it then get me ready for school...

    i started buying the DVDs last year, I'm on collection 5 right now... My favorite characters are Roger and Joe.
  8. adamsan

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    it seems interesting. i'll buy the DVDs.

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