Dark Days for Australia!

Discussion in 'Australia' started by kikker_vanger, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. What's everyone opinion on the election results? I fear we have a very very conservative few years ahead of us.
  2. RickyRicardo

    RickyRicardo Member

    Whilst Abbott might not be the ideal prime minister for this country, I think we needed a change.
    Just WAY too much stuff going on with the Labor party and it ultimately cost them the election, seeing Abbott win in a landslide.
  3. Bilby

    Bilby Freerangertarian Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    A former state labor MP for Murray-Darling did not like answering letters. I found it infuriating. I was surprised to see the DLP standing a a candidate for Farrer.I thought they were finished decades ago. Society has moved since then.
  4. PeaceInTime

    PeaceInTime Member

    I do believe Abbott will ruin what's left of the country. His policies are beyond idiotic.
  5. Eon

    Eon Member

    Hopefully it won't last as long as last time.
  6. Survegalist

    Survegalist Member

    Well conservative is one way of putting it,cleaning up the clusterfuck that Labor left isn't and hasn't ever been easy.
  7. Nakedtravler

    Nakedtravler Guest

    If only they can lift the Public nudity ban, then being naked in public will be legal, .
  8. derflapin

    derflapin Member

    i hate the libs with a real passion, but unfortunately labor dug their grave and now we have to deal with the libs at least until the next election.

    what i dont understand is why the libs wont accept that turnbull is by far the better person for the job, at least he is a lot more honest and open with the general public, and he doesnt agree with many of the libs party policies either.

    as far as public nudity goes, that will never happen in australia, and i think most australians, including myself, would totally agree with me on this one, its bad enough going to a beach and seeing horrid looking bodies (mostly men) parading themselves like fashion models for others to see, and there is a prolific health issue attached to this as well.

    public nudity on beaches on the other hand is the only option that i support, but again i only support this policy in a limited way as well, however public nudity on beaches is enforced by state and local governments here in australia, the federal government has no control over these laws at all, it all varies from state to state.

    public nudity on beaches should be broken up into 2 categories, and i believe some state local government or local council laws may have the following laws in place.

    1. public beach, no nudity allowed = just as it states, open to the general public but absolutely no nudity what so ever.
    2. public beach, clothing optional = just as it says, a general public beach, but those wanting to go there clothed must accept nudity from some people, but those who wish to go nude may be required to stay in specified areas of the beach, with a sign warning the public that it is a "clothing optional" beach.

    my wife and i are nudists, we do sometimes roam our home nude, but only when our daughter is at school, or may be away at weekends sleeping over at a friends place, but because of having neighbours either side of our home, we keep some blinds shut just so they cant see us, mainly because we are known to have sex in different places around the inside of the house, or outside the house as long as nobody can see us.

    we have a local public beach about 30km from us, and it has strict "no nudity" laws apply to it, however many of the nudists just walk several hundred metres to one end so they are away from the clothed area, and in most cases there is never any issues, and if anyone does walk to that end of the beach clother, they usually understand that they are goig to see naked people there, and accept it.

  9. pineapple08

    pineapple08 Members

    I have to say all the spin, lies, deception, and bastardary is atarting to make my head spin as is all the ongoing pre budget shenanigans and promises or strong hints at even more bastardry to come with the application of further doses of sadoliberalism or looter liberalism that has been outlined in the so called independent budget audit. The cynical and ever self serving nature of the predatory political/corporate class is on full display and coming out to play in full bloom yet again.
  10. locomotive

    locomotive Guest

    do you actually believe any political party or government is good for Australia... it's all shite
  11. aussiehippydude

    aussiehippydude Members

    Liberal s, labour, green who ever else... All just puppets in the big picture, they are all tainted with the same brush. They hsve no say over the powers that rule them. Dark days indeed...

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